Shortest way to accumulate isk to buy 500 PLEX

Hello capsuleers What is the shortest way to accumulate isk to buy 500 plex?? I am currently an alpha and i love to go on mining and ratting in nullsec.Please give a shotest way to make isk to buy plex and become a self sustaining to buy plex every month.

Exploration in null worked for me. Just a couple hours a day. Within a single week I had more than enough to cover sub fees easily.

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My recommendation is that you don’t try to do this. You’ll end up trying to turn the game into a job and you won’t feel any better for it. You’ll get omega, congratulations, but then what? You’ll be forcing yourself to feel the pressure to constantly keep grinding to keep making isk month after month.


oh so if i atleast get to omega for one month i can train more skills and get more sp right?? and can use those skills as an alpha or may be i try to buy plex once in a two months period and that will be easy right??

Omega-only skills and skill levels will get locked until you resub if you lapse back into Alpha

Get a job and buy the sub.

Don’t be a slave to the grind.


So you get 1 month of training skills. Do you have a plan of exactly which skills you will train? Do you know which ones you should most take advantage of? Or are you just thinking that “because I am Omega, it’ll all magically get better”?

Have you taken the time to plan this out and figure out what you would use with your 1 Month of Omega time?

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yeah i planned a skill queue. Its was specially planned for alphas but if i become omega atleast for a month i can train those skills in half the time and can plan more skills too.


Travel to Iceland and work 1-2 hours in any profession. If you plex you account you are working way below minimum wage in pretty much any country on planet earth. Also you can easily breath on earth.

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