How to easily PLEX from ALPHA to OMEGA with in-game activities

So I was wondering what people did/do/have done to make their daily ISK quota to PLEX’ing their account. Specifically though, for those that are Alpha that want to get to Omega.

Currently you need to clear about 62-68M a day to PLEX your account.

So here is my short list I came up with:

Trading - profit per day: apx 5-10% of your total invested capital

  • PLUS: Low skills needed and you can use as many Alpha accounts as you want
  • PLUS: Generally low time needed as you are just checking orders and placing more
  • NEGATIVE: Requires a lot of capital (relative of course)
  • NEGATIVE: Requires to be organized and handy with spreadsheets (not for everyone)
  • NEGATIVE: inconstant and kinda dull

LS Clones - 60M/hr

  • POSITIVE: Can use a cheap Praxis fit for well under 100M
  • POSITIVE: Low risk if you are farming in quiet systems
  • NEGATIVE: You are a pretty big target for the locals
  • NEGATIVE: As this is very easy, many clean out the systems quickly

Read This post by Scoots Choco bellow: How to easily PLEX from ALPHA to OMEGA with in-game activities

Injector Farming
PRO: Very easy and almost zero time commitment
PRO: Full PLEX an account each month
CON: 5M+ SP dedicated character needed with implants (250M?)
CON: Not really a bad one but you need about 600-700M capital to start this process
CON: you lose one character slot and the other two cannot be trained without extra investments

Two more are FW and PI (TY MS steak. Both are pretty big topics themselves so I wont go into them…

Anyone else with suggestions?


You’ve clearly never market traded. Nearly every-time I’ve market-traded, it was with a very high time investment. You are constantly getting over/undercut by 0.01 isk and have to adjust orders ATLEAST every 15-20 minutes. Not “generally low time”. Why don’t you post on your main account to give yourself some credibility?

Again, you’ve clearly never market traded. Do you know how hard it is to find viable material to buy/sell that covers the fees of doing so? Pretty hard. Generally you are traveling from system to system moving goods, which requires large item comparisons and a lot of time.
If you are station trading, your profits move to close to nil unless you have 10+ billion tied up and then it requires looking at volume and frequency. Not easy, or simple, or quick.


PLEXing your acct at the current price is the stupidest thing I can imagine.

You can spend hours a day doing whatever it is you really don’t want to be doing in game to cover your play time or you can mow the old lady neighbors lawn once a month to pay for a sub.


I edited it for you…now it’s just trading to cover all aspects .

unless you have 10+ billion tied up

Well that is the key to making money on the markets…Even just 10% on 10B is getting close to being enough to PLEX two accounts…but you need that 10B first.

I really don’t care what you or anyone else thinks…so, how about you stay on topic and help people out with some suggestions.

Well that’s very true but this question does come-up a lot so I thought pointing out some easy and accessible options would be helpful.

Once you are Omega, it become much easier because, especially in null, there is planetary production as well.

Very true…I’ve never tried NS as an Alpha…I would think it would be a lot of frustration…LS might be a better compromise?

This is so incredibly wrong, I don’t even know where to start.

All of my market orders go up for the full three months and then I don’t touch them at all for 2 of those months.

If you’re constantly babysitting your market orders, you are wasting your life. Buy low, sell high, list them at a profit margin that you’re okay with, and just let the ebb and flow of the market fill your orders over time.

You can get around 300 or so market slots with a fairly well trained market character. Use them and stop babysitting each order. You are literally wasting 15-20 minutes of your life fighting over 0.01 isk increments.


Easy and accessible options? Nothing of what you’ve said is easy or accessible; you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I KNOW you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to trading, and your killboard says you know NOTHING outside of highsec. My guess is you run L4s or mine (probably not as no ganks) all day.

I call B.S… You don’t know what you’re talking about and giving bad advice. If you are a new player, that is fine, we are very welcoming of new players here. But don’t be giving bad advice out. As far as we can tell, you have absolutely no credentials or experience and you have failed to prove otherwise.

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For the record, it’s really been my main ISK earner for close to 10 years. I made about 15B wheeling and dealing in my early days and then now just make 10-20% off that nest egg…

I really don’t think anyone (else) would argue the validity of this claim BTW as 10% is nothing to write home over…ie I’m not bragging.

any how…back to the topic,

You’re a liar. If you were a market trader, you’d know its not easy and is very time intensive.

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Please read Scoots Choco post…

Wait, excuse me, what?
I spend maybe 30 minutes a week marketing.

It’s incredibly easy to do.


Until a week ago, I’d have said that sov null doing anoms in a vni/myrmidon would have been a good choice for an alpha.

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If you already have billions tied up as capital and don’t care about making decent margins, sure.


Would you say the hardest part is finding what to trade?

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Well that is exactly the point…

make just 5% off your warchest a day for little of no effort is the goal…everything else you do in NE is gravy…

I started with 300m 2 years ago, selling Warp Disruptor IIs and Warp Scrambler IIs.
I started out doing the whole babysit your orders every 15 minutes thing, then I realized it was LITERALLY pennies that I was wasting time over.

I stopped doing that shortly after. It’s 2 years now, and I’ve got over 100b to my name just on assets alone. You do NOT and should not be baby sitting orders. Because again, you are literally wasting HOURS of your day fighting for 0.01 isk differences.

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…and once you have a good bank roll, then station trade all over the place…the whole buy low sell high thing becomes VERY easy…

Bit more work but your margins go way up…

5%, you are such a bullshitter.

you are telling people to tie up their entire wallet in the market, in a direction they don’t know will go up or down, with a commodity whose volume and frequency they haven’t researched.

Finding the right items, let alone making 5% on an ‘ez never check’ 5bil stack isn’t happening.

Stop lying. Only the most experienced market traders who have been doing it for years could come close to that, simply due to the generalized knowledge of what moves where and how often.

This is a guide for alphas going to omega, and you are just like ‘yeah tie up a few bil isk in the market, sit back and PLEX, no biggie, ez’. Get real.