ALL Barges are Omega?

Why is there not a alpha barge? there is more then one barge. why are all three barges Omega only? Do they ever lower the Omega standards for special events? this kindof stinks. You would think they would want to give you a small one to motivate you to buy the bigger one with Omega?

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This restriction is there for exactly that. To motivate you to buy omega :smiley:

Either way mining is the worst this game has to offer and is a noob-trap that doesn’t net you any income (at least in highsec) until you maximize your skills and get into exhumer. Any other activity will net you more. Even salvaging anomalies that someone else clears. Just start security missions, it is much more fun and nets you more ISK after you get to at least level 2.

Of course, that applies that you are not afk-bot-aspirant. If you are don’t mind me, we will meet at belt.

how much isk would a person need to buy Plex to go Omega? buying Omega with isk so i could get a barge?

Afaik it’s about 2.5b/month.
Just don’t. Grinding that much isk on an Alpha is just turning eve into a very badly paid second job and is a fast track to burning out.
Wait for a plex sale and just buy the account time for omega.
In the interim, skill Gas Harvesting and go wormhole dunking in a Venture. By far the most profitable mining option for an Alpha.
Or, ideally, indulge in one of the many, many other ISK making activities available to you.


You deserve a free alpha titanqual.

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All barges are Omega because if they were Alpha, I would set up a few servers, roll a few hundred accounts, and have all of them mine high-sec ore 24/7.


OP, buying PLEX with ISK to go Omega to mine is — contrary to all of CCPs advertising — the quickest way to quit.


having the isk isnt really the problem. the problem is that paying with isk is a lie the community made up or if you could pay with isk you cant anymore. i spent 2 hours looking at the account payment talk and have been over every like eveonline provides. there is currently no way to buy Plex with isk. now there are yes many different ways to buy Plex in different packages but none of them can be gained with isk. why make that up? why lie about it? its just as bad as fortnite and the gold lie. the people who make the fortnite store lie too about being able to buy v-bucks with the gold you collect in game, but vbucks are only able to be collected with real money. there are other games that do this too so eve online is not the only one that tells this fairytale of being able to do such a thing.

if someone reading this pays for omega with isk and can show me PROOF there ia a package in the store where i can buy Plex or isk, i will give that person 800,000 isk right now.

You don’t buy Plex with ISK from the real money store. You buy it from other players, so you have to be in-Game with an in-Game character using the in-Game market.

Other players buy PLEX with real money from the real store. Those players then receive the item in game. They then put it on the in game market for ISK. You then go to the in game market to buy PLEX from them with ISK. You never buy PLEX with ISK from CCP Games. CCP Games ONLY provides PLEX for real world money.

Thus the cost of PLEX in ISK fluctuates according to the supply and demands of the in-Game market, and never has a set ISK price from CCP Games in the real money store because ISK is not real money.


Welcome to the player market.
You need PLEX? Someone has to buy it with $ (or EURO, Pound, YEN, whatever) and then sell it for ISK on market.
You need a ship? It must be built and sold (besides some starter ships provided by Career Agents).
You want to make money by selling loot, salvage, and ore? Someone has to buy your stuff.

It’s a multi player universe.
And ALPHA is just a trial. The server and service is provided for money, not just for fun.

But there actually is an NPC market: When I was a new player, I grabbed my new Nereus and traded NPC goods (spiced whine, video reels etc. ) from Highsec to Lowsec. But that was less lucrative than expected.

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i need a barge. i cant go to agents; do a mission, fill the ship, go back to the station, sell on market. go back to asteroid mine again. repeat over and over. i never get the bonus because i run out of time. if i had a barge i could mine in one trip and get the bonus.

they need a store away from the market. or a market just for Plex.

Trust me, the other posts werent wrong. Mining really is a trap and you should avoid doing it.


As already mentioned, the main in-game market to buy PLEX for ISK is in the Jita system. In fact, the main market to buy pretty much anything in the game is in Jita. It’s the Planet 4, Moon 4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant station, helpfully labelled Jita Trade Hub in your overview.
Secondary markets are in the systems of Dodixie, Amarr and Hek.
If you want to buy or sell anything, these are good places to start.
The EVE economy is almost entirely player run. Aside from skillbooks and original blueprints, pretty much everything is made (or looted from an npc wreck) and subsequently sold by players.

Because Alpha is a demo, not the full game. Alpha players are not supposed to be competitive with Omega players. Also all the barges have a specific role and use case, they’re not just a linear progression of escalating yield.


A Venture Barge for Alpha pilots could be something to think about. The Venture Barge would be about half the size of a Procurer but have more ore hold then the Venture.

What about a ganking destroyer for alphas?


I respectfully disagree.
Pointing alpha newbros at mining as a means of isk generation is, imho, a terrible idea.
Point them at faction warfare, or anomaly/ded sites or exploration or basically anything else.
If newbros get it into their heads that shooting a rock in a VentureBarge (or whatever) is necessary for them to acquire isk, then new player retention will become even worse than it currently is.
I want our newbros to hang around, not get put off by the Exciting and Engaging™ game play mechanics of mining…


First mine in a venture to afford a cruiser, then once you had trained into that cruiser buy from the market the a few needlejack Needlejack filaments - EVE University Wiki

Then jump to Nulsec and steal the ESS bank then take that to Concord NPC Stattions.

Within a few hours you would either lose you venture or your mind.

The reward if you are still in New Eden you would have enough isk to plex your account.

It is not easy but I think that is the fastest way right now with low skill and if you hold a miners heart to buy your barge.

Or you could just pay a sub 3 day pack even and cut out the venture grind all together.

There are many options for everyone.

Ive read some dumb things on the forums over the years, but this is my new favorite dumb thing lol.