New Alpha mining barge

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So after almost a year of playing in alpha clone i picked up mining again, then i noticed that the venture ore/min is allot lower, which is fair. But there should also be a alpha accesible mining barge, although it should be very overpriced compared to the ore/min. And low ore space, thinking of a ship like 400/500 mil isk, depending on the fit. and 15.000m3 ore space, with 6 mining laser slots (same ones that fit on ventures for alphas).

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Adon hadah

Just get an Omega subscription if you want to use barges.


If you want to use barges, upgrade to Omega. Alpha is a deliberately limited experience, and it does not need more ability to generate income in PvE activities.


What they said plus:
I bet there will be a skill pack to accommodate you along Soon™

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Alphas. Give 'em an inch and they’ll take a mile…


Mine in low sec. The venture is pretty good for it and you can make more isk/h than in hi-sec.

All solo miners should be in lowsec.


Give 'em a Catalyst and they’ll try to shoot a Covetor, or they should anyway :wink:


Just get omega, or mine with the Venture in low sec for ore and for gas in wormholes.
The game does not need more tools for bots.

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Yeah and the first ones to take interest are gankers and they will gleefully go after them, makes no sense to do this.

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ehm. No. Get Omega…


Try fitting out some 8-turret battleships with mining lasers and mining upgrades and you can almost bump your mining yield up to match barges. Just need to jet-can mine due to low cargo capacity.

I did indeed realise this is very stupid… im still very new to mining, thanks for the ideas

Odd that you have this tagged with balance yet your idea isn’t.

Alpha is a trail state you want the full game you need to pay.

What you’re asking for doesn’t make any sense. Or rather, what you’re asking for already exists: battleships. A bit over your budget, but with mining upgrades and up to 8 mining laser slots (plus mining drones), you can get what you want without a dedicated ship, although you do have to jetcan mine (which isn’t all that bad if you have a dedicated hauler in close proximity to scoop up ore from the cans).

CCP made a deliberate decision to make high volume mining difficult for Alphas. You can either play for free and be severely limited in your mining abilities, or you can pay to play and mine as much as you want with all of the platforms in the game.

Accept that and adapt, because anything else almost certainly runs counter to CCP’s financial interest.

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