New mining ship?

right now I feel like we don’t have a lot of mining ships for players who do not have omega and the fact that the four major factions don’t have their own mining ships and don’t tell me it is the industrial ships because trust me a bestower would not be a smart idea to use as a miner. I feel like there should either be new faction miners or there should be more lower-class ore miners because it is very expensive to get a retriever from a venture and puls it being omega and all. unless they make it so that mining barges do not need omega. I believe right now they could give ore more frigates that are better than a venture. this could also revamp the price for mining ships or make it more relible to mine well in alpha.

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There are a lot of ships that are alpha friendly that have a higher yield… Go run an Apoch like the good old days :slight_smile:

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that is new player friendly is the reason to get new mining ship, not a battleship.

I am trying to remember the equivalent lasers the venture gets with alpha skills, but I think its less than 6 turrets, which means that several cruisers are better at yield and are cheaper than barges.

Alphas need to either go omega for barges or live with what they have. The venture can make good income if you get out of HS and stop mining Veldspar.

that is true but cruisers cost a lot and the venture only has two

Cruisers are like 10m isk, that is super cheap for a ship.

The venture has a 100% yield role bonus and I think a 15% max skill bonus, so its 2 lasers are the equivalent of 4.3 lasers.

If anything, you should be happy with the venture. The old faction mining frigates sucked and the venture mines at a rate of what I believe the old faction mining cruisers were.

the ones I get to look at cost 21m or more

i’m part of the ammar

Thorax is 10.76m in Jita.

i am Ammar and have no skills trained in that area

I do think that having barges as alpha friendly would be a good idea. Running just a venture is a difficult path for a newbro to get into mining

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Omen and maller both have 5 lasers, arbitrator only has 2 but has a drone mining bonus.

It seems more like you just want to make excuses not to do better instead of trying to figure out how the game works.

and both of those cost a lot of money and none of the ores i sell can make that much isk

Again, you are not trying.

Kernite is the lowest value low sec ore, at 380isk/m3 more than double Veldspar. The venture is an agile ship perfect for mining in low sec or even wormholes.

You can even gas mine, the cheapest WH gas right now will net you 20-25m isk per load.

Both activities are perfectly aligned for a alpha, good income in a cheap ship that teaches you that higher risk = higher reward.

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that is true i have not learned how to gas mine but i have mined in null with one and not gotten that much isk i would have gotten more money from low sec mining

Gas is the only viable option really for venture mining, unless you look at crokite/gnesis/ochre.

I can understand the desire to have barges as alpha friendly as they are the dedicated mining ships and it is sort of funny to have to rely on a combat ship to mine in as a better option over the venture.

To mine gas you need a core probe launcher, core probes, and gas huffers. Avoid whs for now (cause of drifters) fly around lowsec and scan down different gas sites. Myko gas is good isk right now
(just remember to constantly watch d-scan if people are in system)

ok thanks

Gas mining does have a high starting cost, the skill and lasers are not cheap, but it should pay for itself pretty fast if you dont die too often.

And the venture has built in warp stab. It’s a nice little ship. “Little deuce coupe, you don’t know what I’ve got…”