Mining with non-ORE ships?

Being an Alpha basically means having access to the Venture for mining.
Are there other non-ORE ships that can be used for mining? Maybe with more than two hardpoints for miners.


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If you want to really mine you have no choice but to go Omega

Pretty much mining BS is your only option, and while a Rokh has been the go to in the past a Praxis might be the new king of the hill because of certain factors like a larger cargo hold, the ability to mix match turrets and missiles or shield or armor and still field bigger drones then say a Rokh.

If I was going to go the BS route then I’d strongly consider the Praxis, but, one thing you really want to be aware of, don’t belt mine in jet cans, it’s just gonna attract morons who are looking to bait you then get their buddies to warp in and blap you, have a dedicated hauler if you are going to belt mine.

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Pfeuh, mining in Praxis ?

You should mine in highsec with a bloody Revelation !



CCP has deliberately limited Alpha participation in industrial activity. You get a taste but must subscribe to get the full meal.

While the Venture can only fit 2 mining lasers, the 100% role bonus make that equivalent to 4 and the additional 25% hull bonus brings it up to the equivalent yield of 5 lasers on an unbonused hull. Combine this with frigate speed and agility and a 5000M3 cargo hold and you have a very efficient ship. Battleships will need to jetcan and, as an Alpha, you can’t multibox.

I haven’t worked all the combinations but, if you factor in the time to offload your ore at a station, I don’t believe any non-Ore hull can compete with the Venture.

except for… you know… not dying to rat sneezes / actually being able to kill rats

Venture can speed/sig tank belt rats. Simply orbit the rock you’re mining with the Afterburner running. I’m reasonably sure Alphas can train drone skills sufficiently that a couple of light scout drones can deal with highsec spawns.

Prospect can speed/sig tank nullsec rat spawns - pretty spectacular light show!

They can. The train can be quite long with the Alpha train speed, but they can train Drones and Light Drone Operation V, so even an alpha clone will be able to field two tech II hobgoblins in a Venture.

Alpha accounts have 2 viable options:

  1. Venture
  2. Battleship

I personally chosen battleship way.
With properly fitted and skilled Rokh (8 x mining laser, 4 x MiningLaserUpgrade) I can dish out 812 m^3/min on Alpha account. Why Rokh? It has most CPU which is a big factor and faction shield resists.
There are some heavy limitations You should be aware of.

  1. CPU. CPU managment lv 4 is absolute must. Lv 5 is very nice addition. (I use 2 cpu rigs I, co processor II and 2% cpu implant - 7 mil).
  2. Cargo capacity. Unrigged Rokh has 820 m^3 of cargo space. Every minute You need to jetcan what You mined so no afk mining for You.
  3. Price. Mining BS costs ~ 180+ mln ISK.
  4. Gankers. You are really easy and juicy target for those bastards.

The pros:

  1. 812+ m^3 yield/min. Its allmost 2 x Venture.
  2. Tank + 5 x combat drones. You can forget about rats.
  3. Ganking You takes actual effort. Especially if You train those CPU skills and fit additional tank.
  4. WTF factor from other players. Arriving in something like this can prompt some really interesting conversations (if You are interested) :smiley:

So there You have it. Decide for Yourself.

Pretty much this, it just makes more sense, get ganked so what just 1 load of veldspar will pretty much cover the costs of any fit that isn’t a T-2 fit, 2 loads of veldspar and you should have it entirely covered for any T-2 fit, economics, you win because of the cost to operate cheap and be effective.

Also most gankers won’t bother to clean up after themselves so the miner can also scoop up their wrecks to cover the cost of their lost ship or reduce the loss. :slight_smile:

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Eh, I doubt that.

Gankers (especially CODE.) are here to piss off everyone, so blowing up the wrecks with another ship that wasn’t engaged in the suicide gank can still harvest more tears from the new miner.

And the easiest way to negate this is:

  1. Don’t care because economics, go cheap, golden rule, fly only that which you won’t miss.
  2. Buy blueprints for the ship you use to mine, the mods, some drone prints, build a fleet and supply and sit back not caring because you have everything ready to go again and again.
  3. Code really is irrelevant when you do it this way, there is no point in interaction with them because what they do does nothing to your game play if you do the other two above.
  1. Will limit your capabilities. If you look at brute numbers, an Alpha pilot would have to use a mining Rokh, and those aren’t free.

  2. Battleship BPOs are expensive, and even if you only buy a fully researched blueprint copy, the material cost is still here. Even if the number in your wallet stay the same, you’re still loosing ISK. Plus the fact that alpha clone are (logically) extremely limited in the Industry field, which mean more cost if one try to manufacture everything in its fit. Plus, I don’t think they have access to T2 production.

  3. If CODE. decide to target your ship, must it be a Venture or a Rokh, if you’re not prepared for a gank (or, as you said, doesn’t care about getting ganked), you will lose your ship. Even if you build it again, you still have spent less time in the ore belt, and again, you’re losing ISK.

There’s also multiple cases where getting ganked can be a problem. What if you are ganked when you were harvesting minerals to be assured of building back your stuff ? Or you already meet the minerals requirements, but haven’t crafted the stuff ?

You either log off for the day while your stuff is building (and you can only use four blueprints at the same time as an Alpha Clone, since you cannot train Mass Production above III), or you go to the market to buy back what you lost.

Nice negation, yeah.

Simple economics, if you are an alpha then staying in a venture is the better choice, I posted if you must then BS mining is an option but a venture is still the best choice.

You shouldn’t wait till you get ganked to have a bpc and backup ships/mods ready, it should have been done ahead, if not then it is the players fault, the bpc I am referring too is the venture.

If you’re referring to the Venture, then yes, I do understand. It sure is easier to replace a mining frigate than a battleship ^^

I Don’t know about others activities available in Eve, but mining is already a boring pain… So I cannot immagine doing it forever in a venture or a rokh.

One person was saying he was mining 812 m3/minute using a rokh… Excuse me, but this is pitiful numbers compared to using a covetor with decent mining skills….

That stays my point of view and people can think differently but there is no point to waste hours mining at this rate…

I would rather work IRL a few more hours to be able to pay for my OMEGA if needed rather than mining as alpha… And if really, you Don’t have the money, buy a one month subscription and try to mine to plex your subscription…

Yeah. Mining isnt the best way. That for us peasants with mere barges and exhumers. PI or ratting is the most viable.

Those in null or deep WH, tho. Can have one man rorq fleet protected by another response fleet, that give product large enough to bend market by themself. These people way is proven to be good, that they even win the curent war.

Get on eBay, buy 5 shitty laptops, run ventures on lowest settings and use a miasmos on your main, install synergy. Profit.

Then quit Eve cause you hate yourself