Best ship for Alphas to mine with thats not a venture?

any good ones?

You can mine in any ship that has a turret slot, but there are no ships available to Alphas that are bonused for mining other than the Venture. The best you can get besides the Venture is a battleship such as the Rokh or Abaddon.

are there any ships with massive cargo holds but have at least 2 turret hardpoints?

Mining battleships is the best for yield. Downside of course is cargo. Don’t think there is any options that have barge yield with a decent ore/cargohold.

There’s some haulers like the hoarder for example with 2 turret hardpoints but i think a venture outdoes them. There are several options for mining cruisers and battleships but small cargos

There are no cargo ships with more than one turret slot that also have a large cargo hold. The Hoarder has 2 turrets slots and a 60k m3 hold, but the hold is for ammunition only. The other cargo transports that have dedicated ore holds only have one turret slot. If you haven’t noticed yet, CCP is way ahead of you when considering how to limit ships so certain types of players can’t just turn on a couple of mining lasers and leave the room for 4 hours and come back to a crapload of ore. Not to mention, any cargo hauler you use for mining would get nuked by a single ganker in a few seconds. Your only choices as an Alpha are the Venture, or a battleship.

dang it

I’m always surprised at the number of people complaining about the Venture. It is a superb little ship. 5K M3 capacity with frigate cost and speed. Decent yield with 2 bonused lasers. What’s not to like!

The problem people are experiencing is that the ship is too good and an oversupply of ore is depressing the price. Mining more won’t fix that - you need to mine strategically.

The best ISK/hour with a Venture will be gas mining but, if you want the safety of highsec - mine ore that is rich in Mexallon (Plagioclase, Kernite, or Jaspet which can be found in ore anomalies). Compress the ore and sell it in Jita.


Battleship. Rokh can be pretty good because of tan bonus. Of course you need to use jetcan mining or have friend to haul because of smal cargo bay but you can get near or even better than retriver if doing it right.

Not true. The Vexor, for example, gets a bonus to mining drones.
There are still a few combat ships around that have mining bonuses like this.
Arbitrator too.

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Bonused for alpha…
Mining Drones are Omega restricted.

Fair enough.

Best ship (not venture) is Omega ship…

There is an answer to this, your not gonna like it;

Miasmos Mining fit


Deep core mining laser II
Plagioclase mining crystal II
Mining upgrades II X 4

24 cycles per hour at 149.7 sec (boosted)

1274 units per cycle X 24 @ 60 min = 30,576 units / 10,701.6 m3

1,780,000 ISK @ 58.10 ISK per unit @ 1 hour cycle.


Veldspar mining crystal II (all other fits the same).

4461 units / 446.1 m3

70,394.58 ISK per cycle @ 149.7 sec (boosted).

1,689,469.92 ISK @ 60 min @ 24 cycles per hour.

Miasmos Mining fit (El Cheapo).

Civilian Mining laser
Mining upgrades I X 4 mods

113 units per cycle / 6 cycles per min / 360 cycles @ 1 hour = 610,200 ISK at 15 ISK per unit


Modulated Deep Core Miner II is also restrcited to omega :wink:
Miner II is the best they can use. (except for ORE Mining Laser which is 400m each, so not really an option)

Yeah, I know, it was a quick copy and paste job, stuff I did before, I was lazy and didn’t want to remove it, what op wants is not really possible, the venture really is the way to go, I dismissed all others because there is nothing more optimal then the venture for alphas, I literally used it last night.

BS is 4x this with miners II only

But hardly practical if they are unhappy with a venture they will be even more unhappy with a BS because of the lack of a ore bay.

I know this is game and all is about fun but wasting your time when you can make something 5x faster at same profit is bad idea anyway.

And that takes the person to expect reasonable conditions, most people don’t have it, I can break it down but this is much more, so you give them some info and hope the see it…but again it takes a person to be reasonable, most aren’t.

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I can make more money faster doing other things, that’s what’s not to like. But if you think it’s fun, well good for you.