Battle ship Mining

what is the best battleship mining fit for an caldari alpha player and how much does it cost??

Rokh was a popular ship for it back when is was “the” thing, before Exhumers, the main downside to it is that you have to do jetcan mining if you want to be efficient at it.

Ph really so can an alpha use the exhumers if so what is its fit?? and siggest me a rokh mining fit.

Alpha accounts are incapable of using Exhumers, since those are TII vessels. In fact, they can’t use anything bigger than a Venture in the ORE Tech Tree, and Exhumers are T2 barges… And I think it’s good that way.

Concerning the Rokh fit, I’d say your highslots should be full of Miner II. The midslot can have prop mod (avoid MWD as it takes away a portion of your cap even when you don’t use it), capacitor modules, survey scanners and maybe some tanking module (passive, to keep your capacitor for the mining turrets).
Finally, the lowslots can have four mining laser upgrade (the stacking penalty make the bonus negligible with the fifth module) and the last slot can have a CPU or Powergrid module if your lacking fitting room, or a Damage Control. The rigs are up to you, but I’d either go with Core Defense Field Extender for your tank, capacitor rigs or maybe one Auxiliary Thrusters rig to get more speed out of the Afterburner and move around quicker in the belts.

Also saying please isn’t forbidded on those forums.

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okay sure thanks for the info brother

The Praxis is a really popular ship for Alpha Mining. More cargo than a Venture, 6 mining lasers and considerable tank.

The best possible mining yield as an alpha is still just a huge waste of time. You can do so much more as a combat focused alpha.


There is no good Battle ship miner, They have very low income and cost quite a lot as opposed to what you earn,.
You would earn more by collecting gankers weck in space, and that is not much to

they won’t be as good as a mining barge/exhumer or one of the industrial command ships, but compared to the Venture it can get you a significant increase in your m³/min.

wow really but how much does it cost and can i make it into a multipurpose ship??

oh so i need to go for a industrial ship you say.

so what ship will you recommend for that. and please share a fit for that.

Thanks for the info.Can you please share which ship to use and a good fit for that ship.I can spend about a million isk like that or about 1.5m isk.I will get it from my friend.

Thank you for sharing the fit.

Thank you for the info brother.

Rokh cost 150m + fit lets say 170 all.

a mining Rokh will maximun get for 2-3M ore per hour, It would take over 50 hours just to get isk back for the ships, a whole week worked with many hours a day 6-7 hours.

My advice would be to do something else or pay game time so you can get a real miner!
everything else is a waste of time, there are many other things to do and fun ways to get isk on


I don’t want to discourage you, but as a long time industrialist (on this account at least) mining in anything less than an exhumer is a waste of time.

Even fully skilled exhumer mining is currently a low income activity.

Unless your in a fully boosted fleet you could make more ISK doing just about anything else.

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You can mine for free in a ex
1: get +5 implant,
2: farm skills point,
3: sell you skills every month,
4: buy game time for isk. Verry easy :blush:

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Domi works good, cheaper alternative to Rohk


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