Praxis for minning or Rokh 8 lassers

hi guys and girls, inthe case of an Alpha that cant use a mining barge ship what will be the better option in terms of “yield amount / minute” for mining ORE = praxis full mining fitted ? Rokh with 8 miner lasers ? or venture with its bonuses ? or another BS ship ?

Has no idea, but a bs like mineer sounds like very low income, perfect mines in a hulk have low income in somthing like 10M per hour, Think you will get 2/10 of it :sweat_smile:

Link can maybe help you


A mining Battleship fitted for yield is not even thaaaaaat much behind in that regard.

IIRC you can push the yield almost to the level of a proc. The bigger problem for most of them however will be cargo space, which of course can be offset by mining in a fleet that has toys like an orca available.


Okay, I didn’t know 15 years ago I have mine last :laughing:

One Rokh and one Hauler okay setup for a alpha :smiley:

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these rokh Fit is awesome , tiny like a covetor

Yeah, technically old school jetcan mining would work as well in an all alpha mining fleet.

Before anyone jumps in on this… of course it´s not a very efficient way to make ISK and there are much better ways, but it´s still a viable option for people who really don´t want to play as Omega and are into the whole mining thing.

In the end back in the old days I actually enjoyed jetcan mining with friends.


When I first started this game, I tried mining for a bit. The fact that I was using a Badger 2 with one mining laser and a smartbomb cured me of that itch pretty quick. Whether it was the falling asleep waiting forever to fill the hold or getting Concorded because I smartbombed someones drone due to mistaking it for a rat, it just didn’t pan out as a career path I wanted to follow.

Not much to do with the OP, but I feel like sharing anecdotes today.



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mining in EREBUS ?

A mining permit.

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I thought alphas can no longer use bships?

Anyway, I think u should stick to venture mining.

Even if you could use a bship they are expensive and not worth the investment for mining.

Try not to get too caught up in the grind.

If you’re lucky you can find an orca pilot too.

For what? 10 code, online everyday :rofl:

I’ve mined with a Rokh and virtually needed a dedicated hauler continuously ferrying to the station, so having an Orca near by is very helpful.

It is very cheap right now, has a large cargohold. It can be fitted so, that it will have better yeld and bigger cargohold, than Venture. Bonus is better tank and combat drones availability (you can tank and kill any ordinary rat in the belt)

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This hurdle somewhat alleviated by existence of MTU (in case you dont have Orca nearby), although it makes your mining efforts somewhat vulnerable.

btw a Rokh should not be used by itself. It mins so quickly it should be used alongside an orca - to store the ore.

As a solo player I don’t recommend this method of mining - unless someone loans you the battleship.

Waste of isk. It will take you a long time to pay back the cost of the ship.

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Well, my Rokh was eventually turned into a “Disco BS” in Low Sec… :wink:

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Yes, of course, the price is not viable. that is why we talk about the Praxis which is half the average price of a bs (75m only), and the question is not whether it is profitable or not, but that it is debated between the Praxis and the Rokh in this respect in terms of Efficiency .

Get pyfa, fit both ships, tell pyfa to give you the mining yield. Compare yield, cargo and tank/utility and come to your own conclusion.

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As another person mentioned you pretty much need dedicated haulers for BS mining. As the jet cans need to be grabbed constantly. MTU’s are an option, but people love to suspect shoot them for fun.