Mining as an alpha player

As an alpha clone, is there a ship you can buy to mine with, i heard that the Rokh is good

Gnosis, Praxis or Apocalypse…

so they are good for mining as an alpha, any tips for a fit for them

i see that but that ship is hella expensive. i mean ming with that it would go into the cargo hold correct. I assume thats what im seeing in the video

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You’re being memed.
The Venture is your only real option.
Better yet: don’t.
Find some other means of making isk. Venture mining is very low return on time. Exploration would be a better path.


IMO, mining as an alpha clone is a fast path to burnout unless you do something adventurous like mine in lowsec/NPC nullsec or instead huff gas out of wormholes. Always in a venture.

You can try to find a corp, but beware in high sec most will have „ore buybacks“ that are ripoffs for you.


I agree that these programs are ripoffs, however for a new player that option is often better than haul 500m ore in no-tank miasmos and getting ganked :wink: .

Eitherway yes @Sadaiko . Don’t know who told you, that mining is good or why you even like it, but it is not. Yes you can mine in Praxis with slightly more yield than venture, but that is still super boring gameplay with crappy income. Do anything else, but that.

Firstly, mine if you want to - it can be relaxing, there’s something about the gentle cadence and rhythms of it, but, and especially in hi-sec space it isn’t going to make your fortune if that is what you are looking for.

As a new player, and as an alpha clone, you aren’t going to do better than a Venture. Other options have small holds and you’ll spend more time on the logistics of moving stuff than the actual productive mining.

I still occasionally mine in hi-sec, but it’s low effort chilling out time. I don’t do it for ISK.

If you are mining only for profit then seriously look at something else - exploration, fit a cheap exploration ship, a Magnate or similar, find somewhere quite and practice scanning down and hacking relic and data sites. One you have the flavour of that dive into wormholes (well away from busy areas) and see what you find.
Bookmarks and a notepad to record what you learn will be useful!


If you want to be a miner, don’t go out and do it alone. If you’re around at 15:00 eve tomorrow, come out to the Eve Rookies deep space mining fleet. If you don’t want to take your own venture, you can get a handout.

Mining with friends makes it a lot more fun!

A <1 m ISK Venture is still the best mining ship for Alphas.
I actually tried to do some event sites with a gas huffing praxis to fight off NPCs effectively, but it’s no fun because there’s no agility and only small cargo (the Venture hold is 5 times bigger). So you have to change position quite often (awfully slow) or jettison cans - but as an Alpha, you can’t launch an Alt to collect these cans in a large hold (e.g. Miasmos).

@Sadaiko I am an alpha, I live inside a wormhole. Yesterday I mined est. 110 million ISK in gas. You will need to buy the skill for gas mining to level 2 and it is not cheap. 39 million ISK for the book. You don’t need to live inside a wormhole as I do.

Gas is also found by scanning down cosmic signatures, most are found in 0.4 low sec systems. Wormhole J space are all -1.0 ( no security ) so you are on your own. The benefit is more apt to find gas sites inside a wormhole. The issues are all gas sites inside a wormhole are always guarded by NPCs ( aka rats ) the only thing you need to watch out for in low sec systems is other players blasting you and stealing your claim.

Once you have found a quiet gas site to mine and trained, you need your venture ( the only mining vessel alphas can use ) fitted with 2 gas scoops NOTHING else works for an alpha. The others claim you can use them, however the fine print reads, these others fit to omega ships and not the venture.

Mining will take 50 minutes for a full load (5,000 m3). Nothing but spending real cash will speed it up. Because I live inside a wormhole; I mine about 15 to 20 minutes, the rats show up, and I return to dock. After I kill the rats using a destroyer, I return to mining. Depending on factors such as other connecting wormholes and time of day, I will go AFK to watch TV while I mine for 50 minutes. This act might seem foolish, but the first load has more than paid for my ship and parts. I keep several ventures and more mining equipment in the hangar when they are needed.

You will need a ship to haul ore to market and I use either the Miasmos (no fit) or Tayra (fully fitted). I recently struck a deal with a friend who hauls my ore out for 20% of the market value. I leave it in a contract and they pick it up and pay me. Hauling any ore can be dangerous and time consuming.

Don’t mine,

DO this instead and make more money - AudioJake has a link for 1mill skill points as well

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