The return

Been gone for several years, last I was on wormholes were the “thing” to do…not sure I want to upgrade to omega just yet…what ships are good for high sec mining? again all the barges are out due to limitations on skills I can use without the upgrade.

If you aren’t Omega, then the only mining ship available to you is the Venture.

would that pull in more than say a ferox with 6 miner 2’s?

Check out the fitting tool Pyfa. It can answer a lot of those questions for you. The Ferox may mine faster but it doesn’t have a 10k m3 ore hold. There really isn’t much point in mining in a non mining ship now days.

thanks I’ll look it up…be awhile before I get the hang of things again

I think the Praxis is the king of alpha mining. It’s a battleship that alphas can fly, last time I checked.

But mining sucks. Are you sure you don’t want to get into something else? I would suggest checking out guides for making isk as an alpha, but most of them will probably need to be updated due to the recent surgical strike patch.

yeah mining sucks…but its been years since I played last and it works while ai get my bearings again

I’ll look into it thanks

It sucks for people who dont like it. if combined with industry can be a nice active/passive income. if you dont like mining ,dont suppose everyone does.

praxis is indeed king of alpha mining, but be aware that the cargo hold is small, so better done if you mining with someone with an orca or porpoise to haul your ore. Praxis is pretty expensive, try the simulation and test other bs as they are cheaper

I remember the Rokh being used for mining as well. Might want to check that one out too.

True I forgot about that one , it’s a good one

Alphas can fly all t1 battleships except leshak…

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