Former Miner, Considering Returning

I haven’t really avidly played EvE in a number of years; thinking of returning but as someone whose sole interest was always in mining after reading through the forums I’m not sure. Is mining (particularly Hi-Sec) still viable? I know some consider it boring but I enjoy spending a day out in the belts, gathering a nice stockpile of ore and then selling it for a tidy profit. That’s what i enjoy about EvE and have going all the way back to the beta.

But it seems like while every other facet of gameplay has had a significant facelift/new features added in the last few years (or at least the last decade) mining has had little love? Am I reading things wrong? The Orca is still king (at least until the planned nerfs happen, if indeed they do), no significant new ores have been added and I don’t see any changes or new mining role-specific ships added. I’m questioning whether it’s worth bothering to renew my subscription or not and could use some advice.

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Mining is still fun, especially if you’re with friends. Blowing up chunks of a moon and then mine is also a lot of fun if you enjoy mining. There will always be bitter individuals complaining about everything but I think you should give it a go. Welcome back!

Be sure to renew your mining permit when you return!

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Shove that permit where none of the binary suns shine. And once it’s out, shove it again.


Whoa, calm down there miner.

I’m not a miner, dumbo.

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I’ve never done moon mining, I think that was after my time. Only ever done asteroids and ice mining back in the olden days when there were permanent ice belts!

Let me know where you will be AFK mining so I can bring my bump Mach or Vagabond…

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I’m a veteran enough to never be guilty of AFK mining. :wink:


Welcome back!

Mining will always be fun for miners!

The stuff you can do:

  • Ice Belt Mining
  • Normal Asteroid Belt Mining
  • Gas Huffing
  • Wormhole Mining
  • Ore Anomalies
  • Moon Mining

Sitting in a belt with your friends while talking on TS3/Mumble/Discord is alot of fun, even more when you have a second monitor. Mining is always a little bit semi afk. (Watching a youtube video, Netflix etc. but you are always ready to warp out)

My suggestion for having alot of fun is, either create your own corp and sell the HS ore to null sec corporation because they are in constant need of HS ore and will pay a better price then people do in Jita etc. or join a corp and have big mining fleets.

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No, it really isn’t. Ore prices will continue to fall and CCP Rattati is going to nerf mining ships in the next couple months.

Don’t come back to the game! The asteroid belt rocks are under 6,000 m3 at most with most rocks under 3,000 m3. High sec ore are total pointless. At most you will mine three minerals in high sec belts. There is still a nerf incoming to Orca and Porpoise. Being a miner now is unrewarding. I would wait till anything positive happens for miners or indy. The game is in the worst place I have ever seen.


^^ Your statement answers your question! ^^

yes it is still viable if mining is what you enjoy doing, sure it doesn’t pay as much as ganking or PvP or WH, but it ticks your fun box! and as long as it tickles your fancy that’s what matters ;p

the lower the sec the more ORE and minerals pay, but at a price, higher risk of being ganked and the slower CONCORDE arrives to help you, i mine and so does my wife, we both mine in 0.9 sec, she mines with a venture i mine with a procurer, both tanked to the max, she was ganked a couple days ago, she survived, concorde arrived in something like 5 seconds and took care of the ganker, she got the loot and no loss to herself.

the biggest mistake those mining make while playing solo is venturing to lower hi-sec (0.5-0.7) with retrievers and some exhumers with next to nothing in terms of tank (and don’t get me started on venturing to low sec or null sec with them while solo that’s just suicide), they’re an easy target for gankers by the time concorde gets there (it takes 20 seconds in 0.5), they got blown already then while the gankers ship gets taken care by concorde their alt account loots YOUR wreck (they win).

my formula to go bellow 0.7 sec with a mining ship is, anything bellow it use a procurer or skiff and tank it to the max you only need to buy enough time for concorde to show up, low sec and null sec use a venture (unless you’re rich and don’t mind buying several expensive ships per day) or take a fleet with you for protection if you have access to one ;p

and another thing, don’t let others spoil your fun with things like “don’t mine there’s no riches in it” the biggest riches you can find in a game is fun while doing something you enjoy.

and one last bit of advice “Don’t fly anything you CAN’T afford to lose” ;p

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Do a bit of research on the recent patches before you give ccp any money. Mineral prices are falling and only look to be going down even more. “Scarcity” is a scam implemented to suck real money from players to buy Plex. Hell they even have pop ups in game now for new players when they lose their first ship offering them a 5 buck Plex pack and promising they can “come back stronger!” If they buy it. This isn’t the eve that you played back in the day buddy the game is all together something more akin to a mobile game now.


Unless something severe changed in the last couple months, highsec mining is the sort of thing where you can throw on your favorite music, chew some rocks, and make some ISK while dropping the occasional rat or four.

There are more lucrative and exciting ways to make ISK, but if you like the relative tranquillity mining provides, you’ll probably like mining. My advice would be to give it a go for a month. It won’t cost that much in the long run, and you may find something you like better if mining isn’t your cup of Veldspar anymore.

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