Mining it worth it?

Hey people so I have not played Eve since before the big mining changes. I have 3 accounts with characters trained into hulks. However I notice I now have new mining skills to train particularly for the new crystals. Before I ask my questions I want to say I know mining is not exciting and everything else in the game is more lucrative however I enjoy relaxing and feeling like I am contributing to the economy.

  1. is mining more profitable in HS then before the changes? For example I would make roughly 20m hour in my hulk clearing belts and jet canning.
  2. I read on reddit a few people claiming they can make 50m an hour in a hulk and they mine at 104m/s is this true because when I did my research on for example HS ores its more like 49m/s and thats with expensive equipment like augments. If this is possible what were they referring too?
  3. Has HS now become dangerous? I could mine in HS in a pocket literally all day long and never worry about someone attacking me. Infact I mined for a year with not a single death in HS. I read that this is now changed and everyone mines HS these days so getting attacked is very likely if you can even find a belt that has not been picked clean.

If you had SP in the old reprocessing skills, then you should see that SP refunded and available in your SP pool for use in these skills.

No more than before.

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There has been changes to the ships and the skills as Io mentioned. Nothing about the dangers has changed. As far as worth it? Its all subjective. Best i can say is to try it out and see if its worth it for you. Some may say no, others may say yes, so its all up to you if it is or not

Honestly in terms of profitability it’s not changed that much. You can compress in-belt in high sec now, if you’ve got a Porpoise or an Orca in your fleet, so you’re going to spend less time hauling and won’t need a jetcan.

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Highsec mining is decently as profitable as it was years ago. In a single Hulk I would say it is realistic making 20m an hour with another character to move your ore, possibly more like the people on reddit claimed.

Highsec has become particularly dangerous because of suicide gankers. Because you were playing prior to the introduction of mining crystals, I would say that the risk of losing extremely expensive mining ships in highsec has increased significantly since you played last. These gankers would be irresistibly enticed by your Hulk as not only is it an exhumer but it’s design sacrifices some defense for mining efficiency so it will be a relatively easy target. It is not surprising seeing highsec gankers sacrificing even cruisers in order to gank ships which have more tank than a Hulk.

You may have heard that NPC corps are mining all the belts in highsec but the situation can actually be worse in lowsec. Ore responds faster in highsec and I never had an issue mining indefinitely in any system in highsec. In lowsec, on the other hand, I checked all belts in five separate systems to find not a single asteroid.

That being said, with the existence of suicide ganking and your likely skills and resources, you will have to be extra diligent to avoid becoming a target while highsec mining. Pick a low trafficked system that has enough distance from a trade hub to be anonymous. Make sure you are constantly checking local and using dscan even in highsec. To my knowledge it is possible for alpha accounts to create and fit a ship capable of ganking so even if you see no one with low security standing or from a ganking corp in local, the sudden existence of a catalyst fleet should at least cause you to start aligning to a dock to warp off.

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Sorry, from my experience, this isn’t true. While there are the occasional suicide roaming gangs (aka Code), for the most part they are far and few between. In addition, HS belts rarely seem to be picked clean, even in active areas. LS on the other hand gets picked clean within hours.

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Game is dead.
So you need to understand these things:

A) Gankers are coming to HS far more then before- there are no players in LS and null.
B) CCP did all they could to make mining non-afk. Today, mining is a real time job.
C)Prices of ore are low and it is moving very slowly, there are no players.
D)There is no safe space anymore, high sec or low sec or null or wh- everywhere is ganking paradise.

If you have doubts about player numbers going down( under 10k) just look at the price of PLEX…

Enjoy the game, i am done with it.

Than before when? Do you have any numbers from data that can demonstrate that?

Yes, I am a miner and I can see what is happening on my screen.
If you cant, that is your problem.

Actually, it sounds precisely the opposite: your problem.

Yes, you really are just another one…


Another player that enjoys Eve? Thank you for the kind words, hard to come across on these forums.

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You seem very jaded but making statements like game is dead is childish at best. Yes I agree CCP should not have increased monthly prices and plex is nearly double what it use to be. However activities in game that make 150m an hour can plex at todays prices in only 16 hours. Thats 2 days at 8 hours to plex so its possible CCP is simply trying to compensate for that so its not so easy to plex like it use to be. Also this game is huge in alts. People having on average 3-4 alts. Judging by the increase in monthly sub costs and what the new average daily players which is 17k infact today alone the max was 23k so idk where you got under 10k it stands to show that its mostly from people canceling unnecessary alts more so than a mass exodus of main accounts. Considering the old active player count use to be more like 30-35k. Also that number you gave was most likely from steam charts not CCP. Steam charts only shows active players who installed the game through steam not the entire population. Your post is ignorant and if you are done with it why are you on the forums looking to be negative and spreading false information? Go be “done” somewhere else please thank you.{"buttons":["week","rolling","label-ganked","sort-date","sort-desc","page1","victimsonly"]}
The most profitable thing you can do in High Sec is gank.

NO! Since scarcity was brought to EVE by CCP Ratt, mining is worst isk per hour in High Sec. Scarcity has brought about an economic depression to all of NEW EDEN.

Im think that since player numbers going down people who stuck to the game are attacked more frequently.

So even when numbers of gankers are about equal people feel it worse.

Im just translating what look like to be the trutg

We often see people think something because it seems logical to them, but when they actually verify what they say, it turns out things are counter to what they thought.

So thinking it’s true doesn’t make it the case (it might be, but without any analysis, it’s impossible to know and just as likely to be wrong).

Yes and some times people are simply right. Did you seroisli just writen all of that whit out single point ?.

Im can be wrong but that does not automatickly mean that im wrong.

Present numbers and evidence thankyou

Typical lazy carebear. Makes a claim they can’t back up and just believes they are right through some sort of divine intervention.

OK then, since the claim was:

So there are 3 parts to that claim:

  1. gankers are coming to HS far more then[than] before
  2. there are no players in LS
  3. there are no players in null

Addressing 2 and 3 first, you are clearly wrong.

Here is zkillboard for nullsec activity over the last 7 days.{"buttons":["week","rolling","label-loc:nullsec","sort-date","sort-desc","page1","victimsonly"]}
Here is zkillboard for lowsec activity over the last 7 days:{"buttons":["week","rolling","label-loc:lowsec","label-loc:nullsec","sort-date","sort-desc","page1","victimsonly"]}

Just from these we can conclude that your statement is wrong, however let’s also address the firs part of it.

March 2018 saw the most active Burn Jita event since Burn Jita started in 2012 (and had more participants than Burn Jita 2019, which was the last one).

There were 2201 unique characters involved in ganking freighters that month.

You can get and then filter the data from here: data

Looking at the last 7 days of the most prolific ganking groups currently:

Safety.: 189 unique characters involved in ganking
Novus Ordo.:39 unique characters involved in ganking
Goonswarm: 15 unique characters involved in ganking
CODE.: 4 unique characters involved in ganking
Lovin Incorporated: 3 unique characters involved in ganking
Red Alliance: 30 unique characters involved in ganking

That gets to 271 characters from those groups involved in ganking over the last week.

Even doubling that to account for a large error margin, that gets to 542 active gankers over the last 7 days.

March 2018: 2201 just for Burn Jita
Last week: 542 for all of highsec

Also looks like your statement is wrong on the first part also.

That’s what you get when you are lazy though and ask others to go grab the supporting evidence for your claims, instead of answering the simple question that was asked first:

Just doubled down on being stupid instead.

EDIT: Soft people, being soft.

Thank you for the numbers so im wss right when im say that ganker numbers are same.

But since population declined people feel they are more numerous.

Thank you for proving exactli what im sad.

Maybe next time read what people actuali say before you argue exalctli same…

No, not based on the above numbers you aren’t.

Got any proof of it?

Except that nothing I provided proved what you wrote. It showed the exactly opposite.