HS Mining profitable?

Most of my play is LS mining, belt ratting and PI 2 years in and have spent 99% of that time in LS From what I learned solo mining LS gas/ice and fairly lucrative 'roids… how do folks make worthwhile ISK in HS with generally cheaper raw materials around. Is it just a sheer volume/fleet operation? The scale that must be needed for that to make a decent profit must be huge. Honestly have no experience with that.


There’s a notable streamer going on an anti-Eve crusade because he and his 9 Hulks and 1 Orca weren’t allowed to mine in peace in high sec to make billions. His Orca got bumped, he rage quit streaming Eve, and has been on a tour on other Eve talk shows trying to get bumping removed from the game.


It is pretty nice ISK and scales to a nice degree. So if you want to start building out your fleet. Find a nice quiet HS system and make… I don’t know the ISK/hr but like 200-400mil? (don’t quote me on that :laughing:) I do know two multi boxers and they do make the decent cash.

LS moons should also be considered and it’s not hard to get into that area of mining also.

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Nope, just PVE and buy ore, mining is a waste of time in HS.


Someone has to mine it, and there are no common ore types to mine in null sec or wormholes…

I use to mine, then they removed sooooooooooooooooooooooo much ore from HS that it is absolutely an abysmal task.


Yup I can relate, I knew a really old EVE vet. Did almost everything in EVE. 200mil+ SP and flew titans. All he did was build freighters. Sadly, when CCP moved ores around he just gave up the will to continue. I even built my own odds and ends, now I switched to PI and I don’t regret it. :grin:

It is a shame. he is currently inactive, but we carry on. It’s really the cycle of HS corps/miners. They either take off or slowly decay away into a once proud banner.

The multiboxer miners in my corp still mine the HS belts and the HS/LS moons. They actually make pretty good ISK! With 4-9 miners+ boosts. Finally, as a recruiter for HS indy corps over the years I been playing EVE (on a different main) I have learned you can’t sell mining to someone. Or even the concept of EVE industry. People like it and people find it boring it is that simple. I still think people who PVE/PVP do not think/appreciate the logistics, sourcing, and effort it goes to make t1 ships to titans in EVE.

If you do not multibox to have an orca and several barges out or do not have a robust mining coop fleet then mining is probably the least profitable activity in HS.

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This is why I do PI! No need for 7 accounts. I can make great ISK off of 3 characters in WH/NS. Few assets needed compared to a mining operation for PI and it’s a critical part of ship building.

Solo? Not very profitable at least if isk/hour is the key figure for choosing your activity.
Nevertheless people are doing it for different reasons (which also can be arguable because they are subjective).
But I may add two things which can increase your income:
Because of its relative safety you can combine Project Discovery in your mining schedule which enlarges your isk/hour. If this is a wise decision that depends on the risk you are willing to take (meaning switching your attention from local/d-scan to P D.)
Some of the small combat anomalies contain ore. So it is a nice additional income to jump to zero, kill the rats with drones, use a mtu, salvage drones and mine. If your are lucky, you spawn an escalation or a faction rat.
And when the combat anomaly vanishes from the probe scanner window, its harder to catch you without combat probes…

There are some secret locations in high sec with good gas, but they have people searching for them too.

It’s profitable now that HiSec is the only reliable source of Tritanium. Most R4s are mined in HiSec too.

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Why even ask this? Just join a nullbloc and mine under the supercap umbrella, it’s safer, more profitable, you can bring all your friends, great moons, and funny rorquals.

The only reason you should be mining in highsec is that “I don’t like the word nullsec” even though highsec is objectively worse for mining in every way, and that lovely calm feeling of highsec mining that you loved? bam, SAFETY.

Are you talking about that hate-oozing toothless guy that calls himself Hateless? He was very entertaining to watch… as in to watch and laugh at him. His departure was hardly noticed though, no one will miss him.

Also not everyone has the RL time/commitments. :slight_smile:

Lmao what? Nullsec time commitment? Just join a big bloc and tou dont have to do ■■■■.

Thats what i do.

That place bored me to death, HS carebear 4 life.

Nullsec is noring so you stay in joghsec? Its usually the other way round.


dont you guys mining in LS lose ships to those imba rats with point no bounty and a tag in drop?