High Sec Moon Mining?

when can we start moon mining in high sec. has there been a date said yet?


hs and wh space moon mining will be put in next year some time.

Ill keep and eye out

Unfortunately, right now the news indicates it is restricted to 0.5 sec systems. This feature provides the opportunity for CCP to finally do something about HS, DT dependent static belts, so I hope they open it up to more systems.

Nice that they’re adding it to 0.5 systems , I know just the place to put up a refinery :P. Shame you can’t hire NPCs miners to work for you. Oh well , it seems I may have to join a Corp and pay them to mine stuff from it. Reckon a solo player could mine out the belt ?

So I run a booster and hulk and skiff. No way can I mine out a null sec r4 moon. Remember the belts pop in 48 hrs…oh and above was a one week cycle…u can get more with one month…

So if u r multiboxing a dozen hulks and have eight hours to kill…maybe…

so a mining corp definitely :stuck_out_tongue:

its 3.3mil m3 of ore per week. That is about 17 hours for 1 maxed hulk with orca boosts. They’ll probably be a rush to grab moons when this happens. If you’re a solo kinda player just ninja other’s moons, not like they can shoot you for doing it.

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There needs to be a way to organize mining from a moon so it’s less of a shove and push match, the mega corporations should look to get people on board with a program to pay a monthly fee (to help with operations), to make players friendly towards them so they spend less time trying to keep unwanted players out.

So an easy way is to flat fee it, along with any fees that people will pay to use the refinery, so a reasonable monthly fee + when they use services should help the refinery owners out.

Unless CCP does something unexpected, there will be no way to enforce fees or control access in highsec. Given how open moon mining will be in highsec to theft as CONCORD will protect the thieves, there is not much any organization, large or small, can do to enforce a claim on the ore or charge for access rights.

I don’t see a very bright future for highsec moon mining for that reason, if they even make it to highsec at all.

Bet your 100% right, basically it would be a gentleman’s honor to pay and be blue to that refinery/corp owner, but as we see in eve it’s not very gentlemen like.

Well there is always the push to make industrial players into combat players. So with the Moon Mining Ledger you can identify and war Dec corporations that steal your ore.

But I could see it working the other way, with Merc corps war deccing moon miners in order to prevent them from mining. Maybe even to the extreme of having their own mining wing that would steal ore while the Mercs watch.

And THAT is exactly why these structures shouldn’t be set up by small or single man Corp, too much hassles from feces pieces.

You won’t be able to wardec the hordes of NPC corp alts in Procurers. Won’t be able to gank them cost-effectively either.

Yes, moon miners will be vulnerable to extortion-driven wardecs given an active moon mining operation will be there for all to see well in advance.

Together, these mean probably only the foolhardy and naive will become highsec moon miners, and won’t remain so for very long. Between the constant theft with no recourse, and painting yourself as a target for anyone looking for someone to mess with, it really isn’t going to be a viable thing for anyone to do in my estimation.

Be aware that CCP’s said that hisec and WH moon mining WILL NOT BE MOON GOO. It is strictly the higher quality standard mineral ores.


even then , they’re still ripe targets

Moon mining should never be available in HS or WH space.

You’ll are failing to understand what you are asking for. You are trying to make the game flat and small.

Lookit, what is the point of moving out into the regions you haven’t been, if you can do all the things in high sec? In fact, what is the point of low and nulsec, if you can do everything in HS?

Likewise with WHs. They want moons. They want special T3 loot. They want ponies.

Well, I’m in nulsec. For our troubles, we get moons. We also get roaming bands of folks who know how to kill and can use all the weapons systems. We do not have concorde. We do not have sleepers or T3 loot.

However, what most sec-bears don’t know is that nulsec aint nulsec. There are big variations between regions and ratings of nul. Many systems are 0.0 or -0.1. A few are -0.2 through -0.4. Very few are between -0.5 and -1.0

Moons are spread across this spectrum. So, if you want to mine dank level 4 metals, be prepared to fight for a rare system with folks who have the means to fight back. In numbers, with very large weapons systems, and with a lot of player skills. If you want to mine level 1 materials, well then your corp can hang out in a quieter -0.1 system and maybe the goons, or culture, or INIT, or Horde, will spare your arthanor cause you aren’t worth the ammunition to them. They have bigger fish to fry. (each other)

So, lookit, you sec bears think you know something and you think the game will be better if you can have moons, a back rub and a pony. But if you get moons, all the corps in lower nulsec are out of a gig. They have nothing in their niche. They can’t do t3, cause they aren’t wormholes, and they can’t do FW, cause they aren’t lowsec, and they don’t have concorde to protect them because they are not sec bears.

Your mewling demand for moons and ponies is effectively disenfranchising a LOT of folks out in the wilderness.

We will be left with nuthin. No niche, no advantage in the scheme of things, no reason to be there.

And then what will we do?

Then we will demand Concorde. And T3 loot. And ponies. And CCP will cave in like they are doing now with the sec bears, and then the game will be EXACTLY THE SAME EVERYWHERE.

Then we will war dec you and destroy your high sec moon rigs and wear you sec bear faces as hats. Becuase you snowflakes live under the gun of concord and you are simply not prepared to withstand a vast migration of disgruntled nulsec folks into your cosy little world. Because we might fear the skill and size and knowledge of the big alliances, but we don’t fear you.

As for you wormholers, do you want the nulsec folks to come compete with you for your special little place in the stars?

Because we will. That is not a threat, it is simply the obvious a logical consequence of talking away our reason for being where we are. We will migrate.

And if you wormholers think you are up for it, remember this. Everyone can see us. We can’t hide. Every roving gang of marauding goons and horde pirates knows where we are and they try to kill us. We have learned to survive in the hard light of local. You think that is nothing? Well, grab your orca or rorq and come mine in nulsec and show us.

You can’t, and that is why you hide in wormholes.

Take our moons and we will come for you, and burn everything to the ground in wormhole space and in high sec.

You think we can’t do it? Even a small nulsec industrial corp can throw out ten capitals a week. We will burn you down and shut you up and run you around, until you will squeal like bairns for the tender arm of concord to protect you, and you wormholers will cry into your shiny suns as we lay waste to every moon rig we find.

Taking away our moons is probably the ONLY thing that would unite the disparate tribes of nulsec. It would be so unjust, so unmanly, to give the sec bears and wormhole waifs moons and ponies… we would be forced to unite, and burn you all to the ground.

Don’t do it, CCP. It will be a bloodbath, and nobody will get a pony. There will just be little stumpy legs where ponies might have been.

Do NOT do it.

You have been warned. :skull_and_crossbones:


No chance. On a six day cycle (the shortest possible), we are seeing 30-40 rocks averaging around 50’000 cbm each. So if you can mine 1.5 million cubic meters ore by yourself in 2 days…

Pestilen Ratte the moon goo ponies stay in low and null so there is still a big advantage for those sectors and no reason to cry when moonmining comes to hs.
At the moment as solo player i do not gonna invest in such expensive structure in low or null sec.
Want a refinery anny way so would be nice i could use the moonmining function to.
That i can not suck all the ore in two days alone is not a big problem because the ore just dissapear.
But the two day periode can be extended to 4 days by using a T2 rig so i can try to suck all the ore.
Hope it will not only be in .5 sec systems because than free moons could become rare if big corps place a lot of refinery’s.

The question is, will you get a suspect timer (or any timer for that matter) for trying to mine a belt that wasnt pulled and blown by your corp/alliance structrures?
They are gonna have to add something or its simply a free for all and nobody would want to pull moon goo in highsec, because they cannot defend it against anything, wardecs takes 24 hours to start heh.
Especially if they plan on adding nullsec ores to highsec moons, like they want to add nullsec ore to wormhole moons. But i cannot confirm what kind of ores they want in highsec moons.

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