No ore in system

Well, been playing a while. I mine and build mostly, and lately it seems that the NPC miners not only suck up the ore at an incredible rate, there is also a problem with all the ore in system not respawing. This morning I flew a great circular route around low sec in Metropolis and could not believe it. The ore was not there yesterday either. I have noticed this happening in other regions as well. I looked into it by visiting the chats and forums and sure enough, others are running into the same problem. Its does not seem to be restricted to just my area of operations. Now I am one who does not mind mining. I understand the whole hate a “carebear” thingy. But CCP needs to understand that there are those of us who pay a sub and expect better. I flew from one system to another and if there was anything left, it was either in a .3 system, or maybe a crumb or two. This is not what I renewed my sub for. Everyone likes to do things different, and if this is CCP’s way of marked manipulation then so be it. CCP if I want to PVP or do something else I would. I guess I subbed around three years ago? Something like that. Maybe four. Anyway just putting in my two cents. Yelling into the void. Anyone else notice this and wonder why?


Yeah, it’s definitely overkill.


how do you know it’s the NPC miners ?

Have you considered investing in a mining structure, so you can have ore field ?
If it’s a bad moon, nobody will even consider stealing it from you so you can let it last 2 days (IIRC).

Or maybe going to ore anomalies ?

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Insert carebare insults and John312 propaganda here


In high-sec, that’s probably not true. Almost anything pulled from a moon is better than the standard high-sec ore.

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There is no such a “standard HS ore”. Your moon can have only ore worth less than the average value of HS ore so people will rather find something more worth their time.

Ore moon can go from 70 to 380 isk/m³
HS belts can go from 85 to 210 isk/m³

So no, not anything pulled by a moon is better than other in HS.
People will rather find another moon than mine your junk.

“standard HS ore” would be asteroid belt ore. Those are the basic low-value ore types, and small amounts of the 5% and 10% extra yield variants of those.

Moons can pull any of the ore types, including types previously only seen in deep null. And it’s all the 15% variant of those. Some of the 10% variants in high-sec are probably more valuable on paper than the cheapest of the 15% variants, but given how little there is of it you won’t make any profit mining that.

Do note that I said “almost” everything. Because of course not everything coming from a moon is pure gold. Misquoting me doesn’t make you any righter.

This started right after CCP decided to put the NPC miners into the game. Not only do they mine everything but the amounts they mine counts against the daily respawn formula.

I wonder how many players would be crying if the NPCs started running combats and explorations sites?

CCP does not want miners and industrail player to succeed. That is why the Mining and Industrail ships are so weak. That is why thieves/pirates/strong arm robbers get to bump players and gank players with no real consequences.

This game sets miners and industrail player up to be nothing but floating weak targets.


Not that much since I’d just kill the combat site and the NPCs already there for double the income. :man_shrugging:

This is pretty indicative of a highsec player who has never flown a Rorqual before. CCP absolutely does want miners and industrial players to succeed, have you not see how much ore a Rorqual can mine on its own? In fact, it mines so much that it has received several nerfs to try and bring it back in line.

You only think this because you’re living up in highsec where the biggest ship you can mine with is an Orca.

There’s a module that makes the best mining ship in the game invulnerable. I would say “I’m not sure what more you want” but the answer is probably “I want a PANIC module for my Retriever in highsec”.

Which one ?

No they can’t.

But then your post means nothing at all and is useless. I’m trying to give some sense to your ■■■■■■■■.

Many moon ore are bad and thus many moons are just bad.
The worse one here has its highest ore value of 80 isk/m³ in jita.

My suggestion was that if you place a structure on such a moon, then nobody will even try to steal it from you.

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Holy crap, you’re being pedantic.

Moons have a selection of things. They don’t just have one of the types (like that one horrible one that you seem to be fixated on.) Typically they’ll have one or two moongoo types, and one or two standard ore types. - You’d have to scour New Eden to find a moon rock so bad you’ll be better off mining a standard high-sec belt.

Add on top of that that normal belts have puny amounts of 10% and 5% variants, and you’ll pretty much always be better off mining a moon belt, regardless of it’s composition.

You got to realize that paper math very rarely reflects what will actually happen in-game. Stuff like Dense Veldspar may well be more valuable than much of the moon ore, but it exists in such tiny amounts it makes no difference.

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That’s called precision. If you are imprecise then your word have no meaning.

I literally opened the first moon data I had.

Then that means your paper math is wrong.
Do your homeworks and correct it. Or STFU.

You can easily find a moon that will be on average worth less than the local asteroids.
That was my point, and it still stands.

I’m not saying your OP is wrong, I’m merely asking if you investigated this possibility.
Now you show off some ignorance, and you call me pedantic when I correct your wrong maths . Please grow up.

Alright dude, you just keep stubbornly mining those asteroid belts then. More moon belts for the rest of us.

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That is not related in any mean.

Unless of course you already are mining LOW value moons. which effectively give 2.5 times less isk/m³ than eg plagioclaz.
And that was my point : you can do that.

Just stop, man. This hole you’re digging is plenty deep already.


Just stop your nonsense. All your answers only showed a complete ignorance of the moons mechanisms.

And when you are showed wrong you call that “pedantic”.

Just stop whining. You only make a fool of yourself.

You claimed that you can’t find a moon with value worse than the “standard HS ore”. You failed to precise what is “standard HS ore” so I use plagioclaz and show you you are wrong.
If you can’t accept to be corrected when you say stupid things, don’t post on public forums.

@Anderson_Geten you are wrong, FYI

Moon Miners dredge up the oddball Moon Ores, but they also dredge up standard Ores as well. And when you’re sitting in a 0.5 system and you’re mining Arkonor and Crokite, then yeah… that’s not “standard HS ore” for a 0.5 system.

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and how is that related to what I wrote ?

@R4d1o4ct1v3 was saying that even a “bad moon” can still have very valuable ores to mine. It may not have the ore that YOU find especially useful, but someone probably will. So there is really no such thing as a “bad moon nobody will consider stealing from”.

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if it can have very valuable ore to mine, then it’s not a “bad moon”.

I gave an example of a moon whose highest mineral value is 80 isk/m³.
So yes you can find very bad moon that are worth less than local belts.

who cares ?
The people who come steal moon ore with 20 orcas take the ore that is more worth than local roids. They do it for profit.
So yeah there is such a thing as “bad moon nobody will consider stealing from”

The moon I gave contains only platinoid omber and zeolites. It’s worth less than half the value of veldspar in isk/m³. It’s completely garbage. Zeolite is worth LESS than any other ore in the game.