Anyone still running moon extractions?

Everyone just about left the .5 pocket I live in. Some are chasing ore anomalies, a lot have quit logging in, some left for null-sec or WH space, but the pocket is dead.

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Until CCP announces their use for moon goo, HS moon value has dropped to maybe a tenth of their previous amount.

Add in that moon goo doesn’t compress and even refined is nowhere close as transportable as ore, having it located far from trade hubs is going to make it less appealing.

The only good thing going for it is the possibility of a jackpot.

lol… just lol.
You can say 1% of its value, average.

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Does anyone have an idea what is going to happen with moon extractions? I was going to drop an ath but have decided to wait.

Worst case I saw was, on a 2 week cycle, going from approx. 2b isk to 200m, so 10%. You may have seen worse, but that was just what I saw.

Not only have they not given us a purpose for the R4 moon goo, but with the dynamic system security coming in 2 weeks I could see your 0.5 system going low sec and then you have more capable PVP and Trig fleets to deal with. Not sure what the future will hold for HS moon mining.

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You don’t get it.
What is important is not the total value, but the volumic value. nobody cares about the 50 isk/m³ ores, go mine EC it’s more protected and provides more resources. Also you need to remove the cost of fueling the structure.

Since I am discussing the differences in HS moon mining before and after, neither cycle volume nor fuel costs have changed. Therefore, the only difference is the cycle value, which dropped to 10% of its previous value for me.

I do not disagree that mining EC will be more profitable than the new moons at this point, but that wasn’t the question I was answering.

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You are not. You are discussing if people are “still running extractions”, which is answered by : “no, because it became much worse than other activities”

The cycle value is a completely useless metric. If you want to exploit it, you need to pay people to mine, and you pay them for an hour .

Actually it is.
Moon mining has become worthless in HS, except in the case of very small number of moon that may still have value.

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Wormhole goop is equivalent to HS goop. At this stage its less about it being lucrative and more about it being a supplemental source of income on top of the ore and PI you are likely already doing.

if you have some time id love to have your ear for a few moments, mining oppurtuties

Send me an in-game mail.

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