Moon minerals in WH moons?

Hallo there,
I just scanned 42 moons in a C1 wh, and the best moon minerals i got were only the most common ones / Zeolites / Sylvite / Bitumens.
So now i wonder - to higher class wh`s have better moon minerals, or they are only in low/null sec?

Moon mineral’s in Wormhole’s should give T3 material’s but this hasn’t been done and the moons are very bad in wormholes at the moment, so you may have to wait a few years.

Nope, all the mons in WH only have low value moon mats in the ore.
So, unless you get a proc, those ores are not very profitable to mine

Null seccers would be crying if we had their cash crop.


You worm hole guys do deserve good ore thou :/.


Null seccers already cry that moon goo is available out of 0.5 moons. Albeit the lowest end good but still they whine about how depressed that starts out the pricing and their margins.

Almost nobody even bothered mining low-end moongoo before the new extraction mechanics were introduced and now they whine about it being available in 0.5? :joy:
P.S. oh well , whiners can always declare a war against corps having refineries on moons in 0.5, but pro’lly don’t have the guts

It’s not about not having the guts it’s more about having the time and energy to bother with high sec structure bash ops.

I would like to see WH’s have at least the next tier of moon goo - but the GSM will make sure it doesn’t happen.

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Well, I do remember some people saying that if wormholes get higher tier moon goo, it would be the only place where you can build TI, TII and TIII space.

To be honest, I’m a dirty C1 wormholer and I’m fine with it. But when you leave in Anoikis, every system is -1.0, so it would be good to see a bit better than Ubiquitous moon ore. Maybe it would be good if the quality of the ore scale up with the wormhole class ? Out of the blue, something like that :

C1 and C2 : Ubiquitous and Common
C3 and C5 : Uncommon and Rare
C6 only : Expectional.

This would leave something a bit special to C6 wormhole.

I’m ok with it. It’s risky to anchor athanors and mine them in broad wormhole with no local. That risk should be rewarded. All other aspects of WH rewards for the risk involved.

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Athanor aren’t the most expensive structures around, but it’s true it create some risk. Also, since it’s still a structure, it add more fuel to pay for the bill for a corporation, and unless they have an highsec static (which isn’t great for wormhole mining because of the traffic), a lot have to force themselves to build as much fuel blocks as they can inside the hole.

I’m going to create a topic in the Players’ ideas section and gather some opinions on it.

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