WH Moon Goo

I’m sure this has been beaten to death previously, but let me come at it a better way.

Types of WH’s:

C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6

Types of Moon Goo:

R4, R8, R16, R32, R64

Current Moon Goo in WH’s:

C1 = R4, C2 = R4, C3 = R4, C4 = R4, C5 = R4, C6 = R4

Proposed Change Options:

C1 = R4, C2 = R4, C3 = R8, C4 = R16, C5 = R32, C6 = R64


C1 = R4, C2 = R4, C3 = R8, C4 = R8, C5 = R16, C6 = R32


C1 = R4, C2 = R4, C3 = R8, C4 = R8, C5 = R16, C6 = R16

It doesn’t need to get ridiculous, just scale it.


Yeah this does not feel like a big ask. PI is so much better in WHs, crabbing is great in WHs, I’m not sure why they just completely forgot about moons., especially when it’s the most dangerous place in the game to get moon goo.

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They didn’t forget. Wormholes used to have no moon goo. Zip. Nada. The R4 is an improvement over the previous status quo. If everything else is so much better, then why not do that instead of asking for more buffs?

If you put r32, or heaven forbid, r64 moons into c6 wormhole space, you are making some of the most lucrative systems in EVE even more lucrative.

If you know what you’re doing, wormholes can be surprisingly safe places to krab and mine.

Even though I’m a wormhole dweller, i think the current moon mining arrangements are just fine.

That said, if ccp wants to put some r32 and r64 into my bearhole, i won’t complain.

Yeah, WHs already generate incredible amounts of money. There really is no need for high-tier Moon Goo in them. You would make already filthy-rich players / groups even more ungodly filthy rich with it. And don’t forget that you can do most farming ops in WHs in relative safety by just collapsing all exits. If you live in there and have a standing response-pvp-fleet ready and docked at your stations, chances are close to zero that someone that actually could engage you is rolling into your hole right when you farm your ore. And even if someone is actually smart enough to trap you by logging out an ambush fleet out right in your hole or even in the belt and having a scout to tell when you begin farming… the loss of some exhumers and an orca is nothing for a WH corp, they won’t even notice.

I would have nothing against some rare random spawns of R8 and R16 between the R4 roids. But just a handful for entertainment purposes, to make the whole ops a bit less boring.

Lies. Lies and Slander! WH space needs more hulk and rorq kill mails.

I am all for adding in R32 in C5’s, R64 in C6’s

give us a reason to hack the athanor/Tataras and get a 3-5 day heads up that a mining fleet will be there, and then log off a cloaky scanner to start some ■■■■. Or call their bluff and bring in a dozen prospects to mine their moon rock right as the timer finishes.

Give folks who trained mining skills and refining skills a reason to put non-gas miners on a prospect or covetor, and make doing so better worth their time in WH space.

What is stupid is R32/R64 being hid behind systems with near perfect immunity to pvp, with layers of DOZENS of anchored bubbles (should honestly be a limit to this, more than 50+ anchored bubbles in one grid is stupid) both completely encapsulating gates, and at 0 and 500km toward each gate at the ore site. That stupid amount of safety does nothing but promote botting.

There are other options to achieve similar results, such as adding R32 and R64 rocks into C13 and shattered holes. Give people more of a reason to daytrip into wormholes, and give more reward to those industrialists to give WH life a try.

Now that could be fun…

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It doesn’t need the highest-value Moon Ores for that. The problem is, that 99.572% of all moon ore mining ops in WH space would still go completely undisturbed (scientifically proven!), which means if those rare-ores are standard part of the moons there, way too much wealth would be generated for the small impact some cloaky scouts and ambushes would have.

If higher ores than R4, yeah add them randomly so it would be worth blasting a moon rock, hoping for a good spawn of some R8 and R16.

Also, I have nothing against rare R32 or R64 spawns in shattered WHs.

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