Why dont we get R64's?

In wormhole space we dont get any good moons, therefor there is no mining economy in wormholes.

Why dont we actually get decent moons? CCP can prove we are not second class citizens by giving us decent moons. It is not like we can compete with nullsec?

And mine them in even more perfect safety than under a super cap umbrella in wormholes that cannot be accessed by capitals?

I think you are confused here about how safe it would be. Even if we take the top end c6 whs that are fully fortified… oh no they might get 1 r64 moon per system. That’s like 10 of them in fortified systems.
Not a big deal.

The rest of the systems? Highly vulnerable. And since structures drop everything in whs and you cant be sure of shipping it out, worth blowing up moon mining platforms for loot drops if they are good moons.

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Rorqual mining in C2 on moons is a thing.

Compressing ore is a thing.

You can’t compress moon goo rocks.

Good point, I forgot that, but the moon goo is very small and can be easily moved out in small haulers.

also someone can roll into you and wreck you

Its really quite simple…

R64’s don’t exist anymore.

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This would make Anoikis THE place to do all form of Industry, as it would be the only space in the game where Tech I, Tech II and Tech III can be realized without (technically) any exterior help.

Plus, it’s quite normal to leave big advantages in nullsec, as a big part of the content is here, plus the drama stories EVE became known for.

However, I am not against getting a little upgrade on moons in wormhole space… Having the same pattern as highsec moons is quite downgrading when you live in one of the most dangerous space. Why not getting Common, or even Uncommon ores ?

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And in null someone can cyno drop you and wreck you. He’ll, they don’t even need to get lucky with their connections. They know where you are and how to get there 24/7.

Can’t deal with them head on. No problem. Just roll the gate to close it… oh wait… can’t do that.

We can’t possibly threaten Null’s monopoly on T2 now can we…
R64’s don’t have to appear in the same concentration as in Null making it hard to do any kind of large scale T2 production but possible to do small scale. This also wouldn’t up the value of WH Moons by too much if they got a random mix of low percentages of moon ores. Really all areas of space should get some amount of all moon ores after all. Null got given all the low ends they could ever want because it was too hard to trade with other areas for them, so every other area should get at least some amount of all moon ores.

Which mean the market will be flooded by high-end moon goo, destroying the prices of multiple markets. It’s something a lot of players forget by looking down on miners and industrialist, but because ore and minerals are “hard” to get (not as hard as getting an officer module, but still rarer that most things), the economy can work.
Getting more and more sources for something we already have in good quantities will simply run the game to its destruction. It’s the flaws of having a player-run market, but we all accepted them when we created an account :slight_smile:

If the amount available in WH’s is say… 25%, Low 10% & high 5% it will barely shift the prices.
Additionally the price of moon goo has gone through the roof lately making T2 massively more expensive, they could do with a good drop in price.
I’m not suggesting that all areas get just as much moon goo as Null, I’m suggesting that they get at least some. Some as in including the R64’s, just in smaller percentages of the moons than Null gets.

Wormholes don’t have R64 moons for the same reason Nullsec doesn’t have Fullerenes. Space isn’t supposed to be homogeneous.

And to that, @Do_Little answered perfectly :

Things have been that way since the introduction of Anoikis. Tech I can be done anywhere, Tech II is reserved for nullsec and Tech III for wormholes. Point.

Except null also used to not have low ends in any quantity and were expected to import from other areas of space.
So both the argument of which area of space does what and the argument of it has always been this way so it should stay this way both got made invalid by that change.

Since null is now functionally independent the other areas of space should be able to achieve limited t2 production in their own. It doesn’t have to be much, but it should be some.


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