Ideas and solutions for the current problems with mining and mineral prices

Okay let me retry this guy’s because apparently, CCP didn’t like my last iteration laughing

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Okay so let’s tackle this one Topic at a time

Skill injector should not be able to use on Capital ships besides a jump freighter skills because a jump freighter is not going to hurt anybody but all capital skills besides the jump freighter should be pretty much you should not be able to still inject it you should have to train it like a normal person using implants and stuff like that

I think mining should be moving back to the way it was the r64 remove back losec or even wormholes would make it more interesting that would help the mineralsRemoving Moon mining from high-security all together

please, guys, let’s not talk about nerfing the rorqual anymore it’s already been nerfed to Heck and back if they Nerf it anymore they should take drone away and make it a battleship with boosting ability and the ability to compress laughing

Disagree big time. The yields and varieties of moongoo in HS is pathetic and by no means a market disruptive force. Since Rorquals can’t mine in HS, it’s not as if you’ve got botters devouring them either. Also, because you need to tractor a chunk out of the moon to mine it (and this can take several days), it’s not as if you can farm them non-stop like you would drop in on a belt that respawns every day. There’s a lot of planning involved, and if the chunk disappears before you harvest it, it’s gone.

I believe this is already the case. With planets, too.

Scanning moons makes it clear what is and is not present and in what quantities. There is a very large variety of moongoo needed for different things, and you can’t get them all or even most or even a quarter of them mining any given moon. I think if you were to scan moons you’ve better appreciate why the new moon setup isn’t so bad after all.

There are charts out there that demonstrate this. Look them up.

EVE is an MMO. It is in your interest to play and cooperate with others. If you choose to isolate yourself, this is a self-imposed problem. Also, you don’t HAVE to relocate to w-space. Plenty of profits to be had in k-space nullsec and even lowsec (obviously null/w-space is richer, but still).

Playing with others is not a sacrifice, it is a blessing. Unless you’ve got a shitty crew; then find a new crew.

This is a terrible solution to a problem which does not exist. SP requirements to level up scale exponentially; that in combination with the diminishing returns on injectors makes it excruciatingly painful to skill up that high (both in terms of ISK and $$$) with skills that have high time multipliers like capitals and supers in particular. I think that’s penalty enough. If you’re a millionaire and want to toss down some thousands of dollars on this, good for you, but that applies to what? Less than .1% of players? And look at all the $$$ CPP makes and the ISK other players make.


I say this with all due respect and do not mean to say this with the intention of attacking or offending you, and I apologize in advance if this is worded harshly but I need to be very direct with you: you clearly do not have a complete understanding of existing EVE mechanics, how they interoperate, why they’re designed the way they are (esp. from a checks and balances perspective)… the ‘problems’ you are pointing out are not actually problems when you consider other factors which you are not aware of. You need to better learn the game and see how all these pieces fit together before you can designate something as a problem and design solutions that don’t offer more negative consequences than benefits.

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EVE is by no means perfect, and there’s plenty of room for improvement, but the first step to improving it is to thoroughly understand how it is now, clearly articulate the current state of affairs, what you consider to be problems and why they are problems, and propose solutions that address the problems and don’t raise any new problems; if they raise new problems, you need to acknowledge them and address how they will be mitigated or why they are acceptable tradeoffs.

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I was just give my idea on how to fix some problems or brought up what he’s done under Ama if you haven’t watched it here’s the link

that’s where I was getting most of my information from and just listening to people and other YouTubers

Also regarding profits in general… you generate more income per person when working as a team than with working as an individual. This is apparent in mining fleets after you consider boosts provided by fleetmates, time saved hauling, and defenses against gankers to keep you guys from disbanding or losing your haul. Your profits increase - they are not diminished when you share what you accumulate.

Careful not to be a parrot. Ama and others can speak for themselves.

Laughing I’m definitely not a parrot Polly doesn’t want a cracker I would just be taking the information that other people were saying and pointing out solutions that I thought would work

Polly, however, does enjoy dark chocolate with caramel:P

I am prepared to have an each way bet on this one. Keep moon mining in hisec but nerf the ABC minerals back to low sec.

It is likely a trivial change in terms of markets but in terms of play style I used to spend maybe half of my mining time in low sec. The target was and remains ninja mining R64 moons but it was often the ore anoms and higher ice that kept me there when pickings were poor. Now that I can harvest all low sec ores in 0.5 in an afk orca instead, there is much less reason to go to low sec, despite the R64’s.

Screw you!

All you need to do is kill off Rorquals. Rorquals should be limited to 1 around 1000km around an asteroid/iceroid. That way you can even restore the massive mining yield from the first iteration because it would be a reward for doing the job the ship was designed to do: be the best mining booster in EVE. All the actual mining would come from barges and exhumers, as it was designed to be. This makes the yield drop significantly and it drives out massive alt swarms after they lose their Mackinaw bot swarms repeatedly like this.

Furthermore: Mining in null sec is not as invincible any longer as it currently is. Rorquals have to make a tactical decision when to use their Panic: Save their fleet and enable a dread bomb on them 5 minutes later if no help is ready to come, or let their mining fleet die and save the Panic for itself to extend the time for help to organize.

Just this would make mining in null sec better again and it would increase mineral prices again, which in turn would mean higher capital prices again.

Completely agree.

There are many possible solutions regarding the whole Rorqual situation, but I think most would agree that any solution (other than killing Rorquals entirely, which I think most would object to) would require the throughput of barges to increase and the throughput of Rorquals solo mining substantially decreased or possibly eliminated entirely, thereby requiring a fleet to accomplish what a Rorqual botter or AFKer could accomplish previously. It’s insane that a Rorqual yields as much as six T1-fitted L5-skilled unboosted Covetors.

This is completely unfeasible and would lead to so many exploits, and I can’t imagine too many people would embrace this idea. That, and I can see soooooo many exploits resulting from this. However, something like this is currently implemented for the deployment of POSes and personal deployable structures. This actually works because they’re stationary.

While still lacking punctuation, you clearly improved by using paragraphs.

Well done, I say!

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I should have probably be more specific: By “rorqual within 1000 km around an asteroid” I mean a Rorqual in Industrial Core mode. It is certainly not possible to prevent more than one ship of a type in an open asteroid/iceroid field but you can limit their functionality. PANIC should also be tied to Indu Core: You should only be able to PANIC if you are in Indu Core.

That said, I do not see how you would exploit the range limitation

  • Moon mining asteroid fields are some 200-400 km in diameter for a 4 week cycle. You cannot move these asteroids.
  • Ice fields are some 100 km in length. You cannot move these iceroids either.
  • Normal asteroid belts are typically 50-100 km in diameter with some asteroid belts having special very far outlying asteroids, which technically could enable 2 Rorquals in a normal asteroid belt, but if you want to do that for a Veldspar asteroid, be my guest. This would also put the Rorqus out of range of each other so that they cannot support each other with their significant drone dps. You cannot move these asteroids.
  • Ore anomalies have a typical diameter of 100 km. You cannot move asteroids there either.

You could technically do chain Indu-Core-Panic-ing by bringing several Rorqus and be a super amazing organizer who can time Indu Core mode and Panic between several Rorquals at an impeccable level. That is already possible today. Under the described scenario, however, the Rorquals that cannot go into Indu Core are a lot more vulnerable to normal attacks, too, because they do not have their massive tank bonus.
Your POS analogy is pretty fitting, by the way: You can drop several POS on one grid, but you can only anchor and online 1. All the other POS would just sit there and can easily be destroyed.

However, I do not claim to be all-knowing (in this particular instance). Some people may find a way around the range limitations. Good. CCP kept tinkering with Rorqual yields and tanks for the better part of 3 years now and their threat to a healthy EVE is still not removed or contained. I am pretty sure that they can tinker a bit with range exploits and find remedies. One way or another, though, most Rorqual swarms on astroid/ice fields should immediately be a thing of the past and mining would be a collective effort again of several people, not just nigh-invincible alt swarms under super cap protection.

Give examples, please.

One ■■■■■■■ comma! ONE!! Use punctuatioon FFS!


:+1: Good, good.

…and nerf the rorqual…

Hey, be fair. It took her a while, but she managed to start using paragraphs.
I call that some serious improvement and everyone deserves praise for improving.

She’s the only one who I believe when it comes to her dilsexyness.
Everyone else I’ve seen so far, who pulled the lisexdyness card, just seemed to be stupid.

Disagree with all your ideas. Also, im pretty sure CCP has no intention of removing moon mining in highsec since they just added it.

Your entire post seems to have been made with pretty much zero forethought.

Every PVPer knows what is wrong with mining.

It’s miners.

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