LOL moon mining in highsec = nerf

so seems CCP is moving around ores in a 3 parter update in the near future, im all for this except when i read;

“Removal of all basic ores from Moons”…

meaning the only way to get say arkonor now is in nullsec, like wtf? i get risk = reward but what if your a highsec mining corp? they wont be hitting pay durt like ever again? so moon mining in highsec might now die off, but hey what i know, what you guys think?

p.s. im not whining or anything im confused on the matter not allowing rarer ores even in o.5s?

artical im referring too:

Nullsec ore never should have been made available in highsec moons. I don’t know what CCP was thinking… well I kinda do, but let’s leave that alone.

In any case, CCP is attempt to restore some regional diversity of resources again like the game was originally designed to have. To force trade between the areas of space. Highsec loses the nullsec minerals, and nullsec is losing the highsec minerals. It’s not complete as you will still be able to get some, but the restriction will need both ares now need to trade with each other.

Will it work? Who can say. But one can hope this is the first step in reinvigorating this game.


i mean, i agree with you, but at the same time im conflicted, this means a lot of bad things will happen as well, i.e. pos fuel cost goes up

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all and all i hope the highsec ores are worth more in the end.

They stated it is an experiment, so I guess some changes will be rolled back. For now, cost of everything will go up, yes.


This is a good thing. Hisec moon mining was a big mistake.

Next, make Ice/Ore Anoms in hisec behave like gas sites with a spawn mechanic so you have to scout and scan for them.

Well done CCP!!


Can emphasize this enough!

Even though null sec ores made it into high sec moons, high sec still never really increased the mining share in the total cluster-wide mining yield. It is less of an issue than people think.

What I wonder, however, is what the point of high sec moons will be at all now. If they mean the removal of all normal ores from moons when they say “Complete removal of all basic ore types from all moons”, there is no point in having them because the R8 stuff is not worth mining at all.


I never post here but just felt the urge to post a heartfelt fkoff to CCP for this!

Moon mining in high sec is basically my entire game, so I suppose it’s time to go catch up on what other games are out there for now.
And don’t bother trolling this post, I never read the forums as it such a complete trolling ■■■■ show.


I’m not sure about that as there is a significant flow now, but there is no “right” answer here so there is no point debating it.

They are going to rebalance things they said. It’s possible they’ll add more regular ore or moon goo to compensate.

I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Yes - thank you! Yet another thread on this very subject is precisely what we needed! With luck and hard work from others like you we may get as many as 20 threads all about the same thing before they start to lock them all.

Keep up the great work!


Looks like we’ll be getting correctly proportion risk vs reward now. :slight_smile:


You really believe that. :joy:

Ship production did just fine before moons brought high end minerals to highsec. It’ll be fine after its gone.

Even then, it could be temporary removal according to ccp’s dev blog. Some of it may come back when ccp decide what the right amount is.


Business as usual.

Phase I: CCP implements big changes.

Phase II: Lots of wine and not enough cheese to go with.

Phase III: CCP has achieved another big mess. Players adapt. Malcanis is proven right once more. EVE was a better place back when… :thinking: Hey CCP Guard…

And yet, here we still are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Please ■■■■ off, then, because you’re not playing anyway.


There is no point to the moons in 0.5 sec HS (and WH space) now if they lose all regular ore. The so-called moon goo is the lowest tier of the 5 tiers, nowhere near as essential to mfg and nowhere near as valuable as what some lowsec and nullsec moons have…

So unless CCP is going to increase the amount of things that can be done with the products from that Ubiquitous moon goo… yes, they might as well just remove Athanor moon mining from WH space and 0.5 sec. You can’t even compress the stuff to make it less of a pain.

Similar to the new Triglavian ores in Emerging Conduits and Minor Conduits/Major Conduits/World Arks/Observatory Flashpoint Triglavian Invasion sites. W2B compression for all of these ores, please.

Now the real question is does this also apply to wormhole space? Cause moons are pretty much our only source of minerals for local indy. Anoms are few and far between.

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knowing ccp your screwed

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like it always used to be? sod off you piece of S__T