Rebalance of drilling ships.2021

Good time of day. People who don’t know what kind of rebalancing of drilling vessels is waiting for us? And I would like to know about gas and ice storage facilities, and I was told in my alliance that CCP will allegedly present a new vessel for gas production.

The only thing I have heard is that moon goo will compressible and all mining ships are getting a balance pass. If the balance pass is only nerfs, expect more players to leave the game.


mmmm then they are wrong. Because if mining ships are nerfed, the minerals/ore/moongo supply will decrease, prices/m3 will go up, and therefore miners will mine less volume but with better isks/m3 ratio. So leaving the game is not smart. Rather adapt, find new opportunities etc

for example, ice changes (and fuel use during the Imperium/PAPI war ;)) have resulted in a serious increase of isotopes prices

HTFU or leave


I had also read that moon ores will have the other minerals removed from them (i.e. only the moon specific minerals will be left after processing, not trit or pyre etc). At least with hisec moon ores.

Well that worked so good the first time. CCP is driving players from the game with the mining changes for the last two years. CCP can not afford to lose many more players. I can not wait to see the next quarter financial report.

If CCP does that then the last couple of moon stations in High sec will come down.

Mining has lost all the reward for the risk of undocking expensive mining ships or mining fleets. CCP stated that high sec would be the only supplier of tri for the WHOLE game. Well within 60 days Null Sec had tri back and then CCP greatly reduced the amount of tri needed for the whole game with BPO changes. CCP does not have a clue about this game or it’s players. CCP won’t have to worry about a forever game at this rate, unless everyone wants a server with 10,000 players or less on it.


Wait what?

Must have missed that. You remember which Patch?

They already did that on any moon ore that matters.

I’m new to moon mining so I’ll take your word for it.

As far as the common hisec ores (Coesite, Sylvite, Bitumens etc) those are still giving Trit and Pyre as well as the moon stuff.

A lot of the information is out there in bits and pieces from various interviews and livestreams over the past year.

They want Orcas and Rorquals to be used for giving fleet boosts and not for mining. They dont like the fact that people use Orcas for solo mining. They have some other bonus planned for the Orca, probably giving it the ability to compress ore.

They are adding new types of holds besides just the ore hold mining ships have now. They will be adding new types; ice holds and gas holds.

The ecosystem outlook from the beginning of the year said they want to balance mining ships so every ship has a “unique role”.

Based on those statements and some things said by CSM and other sources, I think we will be getting barge/exhumers meant for ice only, a set for gas only, etc.

Maybe they will make a mining drone based barge/exhumer since Orcas wont really be mining ships anymore.

its Pyre and Mex, and yes they still are present.

I hope this isn’t reverting barges/exhumers back towards the old role system (skiff for Morph, Mack for ice, Hulk for ore)

This would make my decade, main reason I mine in an Orca now.

I get trit and pyre from Coesite, Bitumens, Slyvite etc. in hiec.

One of the things I read said it was felt Orcas are too powerful (I presume meaning to well tanked). :roll_eyes:

I was all posted on the forum a few months ago. I’ll see if I can find that thread again.

Then you have some special moon ore because I am looking at the info right now and it shows Pyer and Mex.

There are a lot of concerns about the Orca. I would prefer they didn’t take away mining from them, but I totally expect it. I don’t think they would remove anything else, unless they add compression and reduce hold size to make up for it.

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I stand corrected.

I thought it was Trit.

Thanks. :+1:

If I would hazard a guess on the new holds, I would first expect the Prospect to change to a gas miner and the Endurance to get an ice hold. This would make ORE Frigates; Venture is ore only, Prospect is gas only, Endurance is ice only. This would remove venture gas mining from Alphas.

Because of fleet support issues with specialized holds, I would expect either the Porpoise, Orca, or both to get multiple small holds and compression or specialized hulls for each resource type.

I would like new hulls for barge/exhumers for ice/gas but I kind of think that we will just loose existing hulls to resource specialization and ore miners will get stuck in paper thin Hulks so we can die by the dozens :).

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yeah and the cost of my kestrels will go up and time spent having fun vs grinding isk will go down.

sooo people will quit.

at the same time many players found ridiculous the low cost of caps, etc, and the fact that you could not tackle anythg without getting dropped by dozens of caps.
Don’t forget that many players here asked changes from CCP to increase ships costs, specially caps costs. Scarcity results from that.
and if you quit the game because the cost of your KESTREL increases… lol

This has never been the case. If you’re having this problem you’re hunting in the wrong place. And scarcity didn’t make it any less common.

Christ snuff just dropped and lost two faction titans over a ls fw fight. It’s not the big players that are affected by increased costs. It’s the guys who just want to get on and pew.

I wonder if the Porpoise will be nerfed as well. I really like that ship, but always felt it was underutilized - since the Orca is practically better in every way.

Like I said, the ore that matters already lost it.

man the fact that it never happened to YOU, in the region where YOU hunt, with YOUR playstyle, doesn’t mean that it does not happen to other pilots, you know. Eve offers a wide variety of playstyles and environment so “this has never been the case” has 100% of chances of being wrong. Try to stay open of what happens to others. It happened regularly to me and my friend (and still happens)…

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