Rebalance of drilling ships.2021

There was one of the CSM members on Talking in Stations who said if we are thinking about nerfing or buffing the existing mining ships we are thinking way too small.

Evidently they just deleted all the bonuses from every mining ship and completely started over so I’m sure the Porpoise will be changed in some way. Maybe it will become the drone mining platform since Orca won’t be able to anymore.

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The Orca is a bigger and more expensive ship. If non-friendlies show up, a Porpoise will be able to warp off quickly. An Orca will be tackled and killed. And it isn’t sufficiently more durable to stay alive long enough to bring people in to save it.

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The only thing that you got correct was that two faction titans died in Low-Sec.

The person who owned them is not in Snuffed Out, it was not a Faction Warfare fight. Snuffed Out isn’t even a particularly big alliance despite being the biggest involved with that sort of content.

Fact is, if you’re flying around in Kestrels, your costs are low enough that you aren’t going to have much trouble ever. T1 frigate hulls have a negligible cost. The only reasons why I build them are to either build T2 frigates (I have a stack of Kestrels waiting to be made into Manticores when I have available slots, for example) or to have hulls available for the T2 modules that I sell. Either way, they have barely any impact on my cost calculations.

Yeah… the hulls cost nothing it’s the fittings that went up something that would still be effected by this.

And you’re right snuffed was the fight before dng got to drop caps on them. And I got the two mixed up.

Doesn’t change the fact that cost didn’t impede them dropping two faction titans on an athanor…

Yes so find the one that matches the level of your desired content and organization level.

Because no it has never been the case that every time a ship was tackled a cyno lights

And the areas of the game that does happen its isn’t going to stop even if you put dreads and carriers at 200b

New mining ships?

Okay CCP please consider - T3 Tactical Mining Barge?

I would hate to give CCP any ideas, but if the concern from CCP is that mining is too “low interaction” then 2 major changes would need to happen.

The first, strip miners would have to either be removed or cycle time would need to be significantly reduced. The 3 minute cycle time is too long to be “active”. Back before barges/strip miners, I mined in battleships that barely held more than a cycle of ore, and that cycle was 60 seconds. This meant you couldn’t be AFK for more than about 2 minutes without your lasers shutting down. CCP could either remove strip miners, or change their cycle time and yield to be scaled to a 1 minute cycle. The only issue with this concept would be ice, which has a long cycle time due to the size of ice blocks. To fix this, ice could be reduced in size but require multiple blocks to refine to current minerals.

The second change would be resources going straight into resource holds. I am still ok with the idea of the Mack sitting in a belt for half an hour, but right now that could be a half an hour with no interaction. If CCP changed mining to go to the cargo hold, sized for one or two cycles, and then moved to an ore hold, you could still sit in a belt for half an hour but would need to interact every minute or two. This type of change could allow the Orca to keep mining by reducing the existing cargo hold to one or two drone cycles and adjust the ore hold accordingly.

How exactly does reducing the cycle time increase the need for interaction? All that would do would mean people alt-tabbed would me more efficient. At most waisting 59s rather than the current cycle duration.

Its a change that would have to be in conjunction with the hold size change. If your ships hold is only 2 cycles big and your cycle is 3 minutes, you only need to interact once every 6 minutes. If your cycle time is only 1 minute, then you need to interact once every 2 minutes. 2 < 6, therefore you interact more.

Okay… but if it’s based on m3/s that’s irrelevant.

If the hold is only big enough to fit 2 minutes of mining then with 3 minute cycles you still have to be engaged every two minutes or you have 60s waisted. Where if the cycle is only one minut you are given an audio alert at the end of two minutes to tab back in.

I am not interested in nerfing m3/s, I was talking about increasing clicks/min.

If you have a 2 minute hold with a 3 minute cycle you would always have to stop and restart cycles, which doesn’t make any sense.

Its not CCP’s fault folks are ignorant of economics. After a period of volatility, the isk/effort/danger for mining has always been the same.


We had to start with combat ships that had mining lasers installed. Cargo on those is 400m³ plus whatever you could stack in low slot cargo expansion. We would end up in a big cargo ship with one mining laser or a cruser, and I’ve heard of worse than that. Anything related to mining was far away, and hard to get. Anyone can get those mining ships now and there are more of them.

You shouldn’t be mining asteroid. You are not a miner. You haven’t chewed enough rock to enjoy doing that in the dust. Didn’t make it through hard times. Didn’t make it through easy times. You are a missle boat pilot that AFK mines asteroid until you actually want to play. You are not any better than a bot, IMO. I know this because you are complaining. Miners don’t complain. We grind, we fly, we get dirty.

The heavy industry of fleet mining for production purposes for very large organizations. The building of a mining fleet, itself. Some people enjoy mining to be mining. Those pilots that set out to become a miner; not people that picked up a mining laser or strip miner to get isk. If everyone could hack it; then nothing would be worth any isk or effort. You’re asking for a overpowered miner.

The less isk you get. The more it costs to get that isk. The more difficult it is to mine rock; the better. YOU ARE WHINGING… Griefing. Complaining about a job that sucks; when the job sucked 10 years ago. When the job sucked 15 years ago. There is only a few times that I know of where mining was good. It’s all in the job description minus what the original miners taught us back 10-15 years ago.

Mining - EVE University Wiki + basically mining so much m³ of astroid ore that you enjoy it. So much ore that you know how to do things like type out m³ quickly by memory; because the whole thing is very important to you. You are a miner. You put in the work. You learned and were willing; for as long as it took. You put everything into your dream. That’s the color! That’s the rock we are after!

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You wouldn’t even be able to undock it. They would be getting ganked left and right…,

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No the risk was increase when FoBs got added when moon mining came out. CCP then removed all the reward of moon mining while leaving the FoBs. CCP also removed minerals from high sec, so the reward that is left is garbage and unrewarding for the risk. If it was rewarding game play all miners/indy players would not have quit playing eve.

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Um, they have? Really? You’re going to have to show me the numbers. Feel free to comb thru all the monthly reports for the past 15 years. The real issues we have is the lack of destruction driving up supplies and being able to AFK Orcas and Rorqs.