New Ore Changes

Hello CCP I’ve played Eve here and there several times through out my life. I enjoy it. I’ve seen that your are making changed to the ore system. I quit last time here recently within the last year because i found mining so boring. I always pictured space as having rare minerals scattered everywhere for me to find. thats not what happens/ed on eve. the minerals are very common and easy to get. i believe the changes you are making will make minerals harder to obtain. if so i will be returning to see how that feels.


You are correct. Because that is the kind of the point. But this change will not impact you personally unless you multibox many Rorquals (like 10+).


Yup, you should be Golden.

Imo, basic ores should always be available and in good size to warrant larger scale mining. As much as some (most who dont mine) hate and loathe it, many do like it.

However…why isn’t there a more specialized mining system for people looking for a treasure hunt style mechanic? Perhaps some requiring combat others requiring a well…find the next clue type deal.

So much possibility but the focus of late,seems to be “we dont like it so no one should” which imo isnt in the eve sandbox mentality.

sorry to burst your bubble but currently EvE has stockpiles of minerals enough for several years worth of production. A short period of starvation is not likely to affect things on large scale apart from market speculation and hype.


So it’s about time for a few big conflicts then​:joy::+1:

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Few year to late CCP…

i agree with you, except that i expected big conflicts to occur when moon mining changes were implemented and moon types were redisributed (was it 2 years ago?). But i did not see anythg around me

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Rofl. Nice one :rofl:

Yes I also remember many capsuleers predicting big wars because of the moon changes.

Actually, I’m all in for addition some mini-game you have to play for mining to actually be effective. Say, all mining drones and miners have quadruple cycle time without yield per cycle increase, with minigame granting you, say, 90 seconds of 80% cycle time reduction.
…but that won’t fly with game where dev’s idea of valentine’s day is 25% alt discount.

Mostly because mini-games like those can be pretty easily automated, would just frustrate actual players, and create more afk/botting issues than it would actually help solve.

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Do you know any exploration/hacking bots?

Yup, there are several in Period Basis, Esoteria, Paragon Soul, and a couple I’ve seen floating in Omist.
I haven’t been to the northern regions, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them up there as well.

Actually, it won’t frustrate players at all.
There is a problem in cosmic trucking as opposed to trucking games like ETS2.
Why? Because cosmic trucking is literally watching paint dry.
ETS2 like games, you have subtle, but constant steering, gauging for optimal revs, using least powerful brake which is just enough for situation at hand etc. Slap some radio on top (I listen to the Serbian Novyi sad, even though I don’t understand a single thing when they talk or FFH rock) - and you are just entertained.
And mining is currently a cosmic trucking without movement.

So compared to mining/ratting bots amount. they almost don’t exist.

Your mistake is assuming the same people who want to play a trucking simulator are the same people who want to be able to mine in the game. While what you said might be true for that game, I don’t see how any of it is relevant to the discussion.

Given that you can mine for hours in one of the 5 ore anomalies in each system compared to blitzing through the 6 relic sites in a constellation, your comparison is laughably out of wack. But you’re allowed to hold weird opinions, I guess.

Your mistake is assuming that literal on-point botting mechanic that’s inevitably torturous to the “actual” players is the way to make thing better.
Also, it won’t really change a lot of things. Market will adjust the prices to the optimized risk/effort scale by itself. At worst, it will scale some ship toasting down, but, since these ships will get a price bump, only thing that will really change is amount of tidi you get per your average pvp hour.

We need less mini games not more.