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Why do so many people hate the mining changes? I can see how it’s an inconvenience for those in manufacturing and mining, but it also fixes the issue where nobody bothered to mine in Losec since you’d always have better ore from Null and safer profit in hisec.

From what I understand they just changed it so each security status has its own unique ores so people have a reason to mine in each of them, is there more to this?

I can only answer from personal experience. I do not mine voluntarily. While I enjoy the fact reprocessed loot now often yields more valuable materials, the fact remains my PVP ships of choice have skyrocketed in price while my own income stream has been severely nerfed. I waste way more time on PVE now while the intended effect was to drive conflict. In reality I’ve become more risk averse then the other way around, wich is a shame.

I guess it depends on the person. I dislike doing more than a tiny bit of hisec mining, if I mine I want to mine in the danger zone, for higher profit margins and higher risks, its much more fun for me.

to me EVE is all about intelligent risk taking, making friends and allies in a corp to maybe one day dominate the galaxy, or a large part of it. Profit where you can, but as the Star Trek Ferengi say, the Riskier the road, the greater the profit.

Some very, very rich, repulsively rich Jabba the Hutt types, slouched on their ceiling high piles of ISK, now get slightly less trillions for slightly more effort.

This is of course outrageous.

People are very protective of their rivers of ISK and don’t like any pebbles tossed into the flow that might slow the current down.

It is after all ISK Online. EVE Online is just a nickname.

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Can’t speak for everyone but one of the takes I’ve seen be expressed frequently is that null-sec mining have been nerfed into oblivion while low-sec mining isn’t worth the hassle. Thus even null-sec players have mostly moved their mining operation into High-sec leaving null and low mostly void.

Moon mining is still somewhat profitable in Null but it’s steadily losing value and thus the few miners who haven’t already moved to High-sec will soon have to do it.

That does sound bad. Low and Nullsec mining should be richly rewarding the huge risk people take by doing it.

A year ago, there was very little risk associated with mining in Nullsec. Fleets of Rorquals harvested infinitely spawning anomalies under the protection of super capital umbrellas. The same defensive umbrellas allowed infinitely spawning combat anomalies to create massive quantities of ISK through bounties. It was not sustainable but a lot of people invested in characters to harvest these riches and were understandably upset when CCP turned off the faucet.

We’ve had a year of scarcity and we’re starting to see the initial stages of redistribution and dynamic redistribution. I suspect it will be next spring - possibly later before CCP tells us they are happy with the ecosystem balance and intend to leave it alone for a while. Meanwhile we’ll need to adapt as things change. Some people don’t like that - they want stability.

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