How have the resource changes effected you?

To start off, this isn’t a rant. I’m not threatening to leave the game and you can’t have my stuff. I’m not a carebear that just endlessly mines all day. This is intended to be an honest discussion of the effects that the recent ore changes have had on everyone. I’m genuinely interested in how high sec, low sec, and wormhole indy people have been impacted by the recent changes.

I live in null sec and have a porpoise boosing 3 covetor alts with a miasmos to haul. Also, this is from the perspective of someone that mines and refines to build things/sell minerals for isk.

TLDR: it seems that CCP has butchered nullsec mining and the only way to adapt is to move to high sec. Look at what is worth mining in null sec (in roughly descending order of profitabilty:

*Moons: owned by alliances and rented out to individuals and corps, not happening.

*Ice: just doesn’t spawn anymore (haven’t seen a belt in my system in 2 weeks). I’m not going to stage 4 fleets of ice mining ships in 4 different systems in the hope of getting a lucky spawn. More importantly, my alliance is not going to anchor 4 athanors (which require cores now) with compression in 4 different systems.

*Mercoxit/Crokite: extremely rare. If I can get it, I can strip a system of these rocks in less than an hour, then it will be 3 days before they respawn (because nobody mines the Ark, bistot, omber, etc)

*Arkonor/Bistot: I’ll leave the numbers below but the isk here is roughly comparable to mining veldspar in high sec (bistot is slightly more profitable). If you mine these rocks, you’re left with a huge pile of pyerite that nobody in null sec wants and is too voluminous to export to high sec. You can’t build anything with it unless you import an even more massive pile of high sec and low sec ores (I don’t have a jump freighter).

In short, there’s nothing left to do anymore (I’m not a ratter). My days have devolved into

  1. Reset PI
  2. Anything worth mining? Nope
  3. Any ice? Nope.
  4. Can I make any fuel? Nope. (I’ve been able to mine 600 blocks of ice in the last 2 weeks, need 5,000 per week to keep up with my PI).
  5. Any fleets been pinged? Nope
  6. Log out and play Elder Scrolls: Oblivion or Civilization 4.

Here are the ore calculations using unboosted covetors with t1 strip miners and a 5% yield implant. My skills give me an 86% refine in null sec (Athanor with T1 rigs). I’ve used Evepraisal’s Jita sell value of the minerals for these calculations. Obviously, I’m not going to get this refine in high sec mining veldspar, I’m just posting these to show the relative values of ores. No, I’m not all about isk/hour, just trying to show that its not worth mining in null sec anymore.

2,868 m3 per 121.5 seconds (29 cycles per hour)

Arkonor: 13,222,439 ISK/hour
Bistot: 19,281,465 ISK/hour
Veldspar: 17,652,666 ISK/hour

What’s the point of mining null ores then? Should we all just move to high sec until CCP unborks null mining?


Well, no, but it is a little ranty. :slight_smile:

You are right. Nullsec mining is still stuck in the scarcity phase. I fully expect CCP to follow through on its promise to add resources back to nullsec, but will that this be this quarter? This year? No idea.

If it is any consolation, expect highsec mining to get some further nerfs soon, although that might more be through nerfs to the Orca and low-attention mining. Not sure that helps you though. Maybe use this time of scarcity to try something else than mining? Or take a break from the game?

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Highsec is screwed too, honestly. Don’t come here. :frowning:

Hahaha, I tried to not make it ranty, looks like I failed :slight_smile: I just came back to the game a few months ago and am not looking to leave, I’ll just have to keep on truckin for now.


I buy the materials for more expensive, so I sell the product more expensive.

Several items have had a nice BO cost increase so I produce and sell a lot to direct order, which did not happen a lot before.

On the other hand, a lot of items are worth buying to SO since they can be reprocessed and sold this way for a benefit. Sounds like gun mining is back.

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EVE is no longer fun to play and what CCP has done is heart breaking. We are close to a year and CCP has done nothing but LIE. I am to the point of giving up and just asking for my money back.


Ive stopped afk moon mining in my Orca while at work or asleep.
Ive actualy joined mining fleets mining low sec ore with friends.
Worst thing is I was actualy on comms. Chatting with people… WHILE MINING!!! (horrible I know)

Not a joke. The changes are a step in the righr direction


Haha, I agree with some of what you said. I live in nullsec so actively mining, in a fleet with friends, on comms is the norm for me. The problem is, there’s nothing to mine (see the OP).

That said, nerfing/eliminating AFK mining in any type of space is a good thing. I just wish there were a way to do it without castrating legitimate players like me.

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Yeah. Same here. Basically we switch around between null, low sec and high sec.

ive totaly gave up on this game.i had 5 account just before the mining update just before the update hit i rolled out my first drake and hurricane ready to sell. it were my first 2 ships to build and after update i couldnt get all of the res i needed to build more
buying ores was a waste of money cause ships werent even worth to build but it was fun just making my own stuff. ive kept playing for a few feeks till my 4 mining account ran out and just gave up on them ive tried pi and ratting to but it doesnt intrest me.

were stuck with a game were there is no point of doing anything anymore in a week this account will stop bying omega aswell and it will be the end of my eve adventure the game for newer players is broken.

i would rejoin the eve community in a new universe were i can have a fresh start togther with evryone else and prefder without mega alliance but only corps.

also the eve exprience is very toxic. alliance leader think to great about themselves and you get ordered not to fly anything you like or do whatever you want because they dont want there stupid killboard to be messed or because they are afraid gankers will come. the point of this game is to fly and do what you want and big alliances make the game toxic and removes alot of the pvp content

at this point of time you have 3-5? choiches for an alliance if you dont like them you have no option left

i ended up in prov mostly good people there except 1 of the alliance leader wich is a total idiot and force all new people to play exactly by there rules same with any alliance.

for my personal as a newer player who did try evrything also the wormhole thing
i feel empty and without a goal in this game there is no point or fun in mining bistot in veldspar ingame just to sell it to some higher alliance corp m8 cause you cant get acces to evrything you need or not profitable in the end your just a mining bot nothing more

if they decide to make a new eve universe i would def comeback the current eve universe is not for new players anymore and ruined by years and years of botting. at a point there a so many ships ingame all that is left is bots soon. < wtf dude 50 ice miners?> cmon realy i played 5 accounts noone can play 50 accounts days in day out. goodluck with that

this is my eve new player expiernce

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I’m secretly grateful for it. I was in the process of settling in with 3 mining accounts (1 Orca, 2 Barges/Exhumers) in High Sec with plans to go into industry but between the resource changes and how rife griefing is in High Sec (not ganking, but moreso Orca bumping for lulz), I decided to pack up the mining operation, un-sub 2 accounts and head down to Null. Now I spend most of my time doing exploration earning much more than I was in high sec and actually actively being immersed in the game. I suppose the changes have had their intended effect on me.


When PLEX sales start to dry up from the player burnout, then we’ll see CCP work with their PA overlords on returning resources back to the game. Probably in the form of ORE Packs which can be purchased with PLEX or some other in-game mechanic that requires PLEX.

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I just came back around 2 months ago from a 2-year break. Here is my take on coming back after this “scarcity phase” has started.

I can make just as much isk in High-Sec as I can in Null-Sec.
With 6 accounts mining, 1 Rorq, and 5 Covetors a single Null system with lvl 3 mining upgrades it is just enough for me. Can not imagine what an Alliance and 100 man plus corps are doing.
Plex being down so much makes it a lot easier to afford to run all the accounts, I can still make 500 mill with about 4 hours of game play.
There is no point in building in Null. I would rather export the ore, then have to import other minerals to build capitals.
Alot less traffic from Neutrals. I am not sure if this is due to the war or null sec population has died.
Ships cost alot more.

I will say that CCP is really failing their customers with their crap commutation skills. In any business expect Eve somehow, you tell your customers your going to commute with them and then you don’t it would normally cause a backlash of some sort.


I don’t have income. I haven’t had one in about a year now. Its pretty shity.

Eve is dead.

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How this changes affected me? Since I don’t do industry myself I look into situation from consumer side. My thoughts:

  1. T1 ships costs are just crazy, especially battleships. Ishtar is cheaper to use than Dominix, really? T2 fitted Tengu cost roughly same as regular Raven. This is looks insane for me. This situation hurts alpha accounts mostly, especially new players.
  2. As result of mineral scarcity ISK buying power lowered significantly, so activities which generate raw ISK become less lucrative for some time. Soon we will see it backwards, I guess, because raw ISK generation reduced drastically with ESS and DBS introduction.
  3. Not sure it is result of mineral scarcity, but PLEX price going down, which is bad sign for the game, IMHO. Is it result of canceled mining/ratting accounts? Or players just buy more PLEX to cover running costs because it is harder to earn enough in-game? Both are equally bad.

Could this be because there is less inflation and ISK is becoming worth more compared to plex? Could it be that people temporarily cover their expenses with plex until they have invested in the new best ways to make ISK after these economic changes?

Both could be good reasons, and neither is bad per sé.

Mining and ratting in 0.0 reduced drastically, it is hard to believe, what all accounts used for this activities still being omega’ed while idle. But we’ll see how situation will develop, anyway, nothing we can do about it.

i am pretty sure you got enough income when we were in the same corp, before the current war, and before you suddenly joined our enemies, to fund your pvp ships.
It is still easy to earn enough isks doing abyssals, normal ratting, missions, explo etc to fund your activities
eve is not a job where you need to focus on income. It is a game. If people focus on income because they want to pay their subscription with isks, that’s their choice. They should rather pay the abo and focus on having fun

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These changes impacted my play style fairly significantly.
I mine arkonor and bistot in null, and now have a bunch of alts in highsec mining everything else.
I use to have 6 alts and my main, but to keep up with these changes, and thrive, I’m up to a total of 35 accounts.
20 orcas in highsec, 9 in lowsec, and 6 in null.

However, because I’ve expanded like that, I’m now able to out produce everyone in my local market with less than a quarter of their costs. (Isk vs usd, I spend more usd, but gain more isk than if I spent the same usd on plex)