How have the resource changes effected you?

35 accounts!!! For the love of…

What will you do with upcoming further reduction 75% of all ore spawned in highsec?

I’ve not read about them reducing ore in HS by 75%. Do you have a link?

Ignore him, he has been posting rumours for a few weeks now. He can never produce a source.

Resource changes have not had much of an impact on how I play. If I can’t mine for something in hi-sec, I just buy what I need to produce my frigates. I’m not going to go to lo-sec no matter what is done with resource balancing/rebalancing.


ROFLMMFAO… Ya right.

That is the whole point of it thou, to get people to buy portions of what they need instead of just mine everything them selves’s, which increases the demand and makes it juicier for people to go mine in low, which didn’t work only the mega big alliances mine there with their supers on standby.

This is why supers in low sec is an abomination the space is meant for smaller groups.

From what I see in these kind of gameplay changes, it makes the forums get more content.

You are the gameplay. You are the product. You are the resource.

If you are upset with EVE that unsub or CCP will never change the stupidity of the ore change. CCP Rattati should be fired and sent back to wow.

I flat out stopped making stuff and moved all of my materials and blueprints into a highsec NPC station. And there they sit. I ran out of things to research and don’t plan on getting more.
I’ve never been into mining, but I love making things so I was doing it even though it’s like watching fruit rot, I found myself hoping gankers would come but with the changes CCP made I simply don’t do any of it now.
I did try buying materials but found very quickly that I could buy the stuff I wanted to make for a lot less than it cost to make. In some cases it was absurd, I know people now who buy ships to reprocess and make other ships out of them and make a profit, not something I’m into personally but it’s an interesting concept.

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How have the resource changes effected you?

I’ve cancelled all my subs (except one which is plexed up until midyear) and now i’m saving up to 50 euros A MONTH! THANK YOU CCP!

CCP has managed to do more damage to my little industry side job than any ganker or awoxer can possibly hope to achieve; Basically, I’ve run out of minerals to produce basic materials. I used to do a little mining for a couples hours or for one night a week, just enough to keep industry going while staying close to home so I can help with response fleets. I have no interest in dealing with the headache of transporting/ordering minerals/ores just to make some basic T1 ammo and my region has NO module drops from rats that I could reprocess into raw minerals.

Between this, the ESS, and these other questionable ‘updates’ that just make me ask the question “Okay but why though?” I’ve stopped my subscription payments altogether.

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I agree. Quit 2 years ago-I won’t go there- and returned a couple of months ago hopeful that things would be better. Big surprise on me, they managed to make things worse. The ore and ice thing just bogs my mind. How could anyone think the changes would improve the spread of peeps? All it did was make it so the charcters in high sec, null, and in the WH have much less to do. I don’t PVP and would not spend money that that was geared towards.I play industry, that’s all. Have 4 accounts…and don’t want to play a single toon out of the 12. Whoever came up with this “great” idea needs to be made a janitor or even more so, fired outright. Oh, and another thing. Never had many issues withe the “update” in the 13 years I’ve played (other than the .exe fiasco) until now. All kinds of things don’t work propely now and things just reset themselves to what ever they want. Can’t even let fleet members use the fleet use option on a newly built industrial ore ship.

I think this is glorious. They should turn all resources off and just bleed the game dry.