Resource scarcity


Any plans to end this whole resource limitation nonsense? I have read in one of the old CCCP blogs that it’s not permanent. Why should I have to play in null and HS corp? Why can’t they remove Crock, Spod, Ochre and Gneiss (every high yield ore) from the game and reintroduce Trit to null sec? I do get the idea of making building caps more complex by adding reactions and PI req. But artificial resource limitation doesn’t make sense.

As a former cap builder, I can’t see small alliances being able to commit caps to the fight not to mention supers.


Yeah, scarcity is over, you’re late by a year:

Patch notes:

“New Dawn: The Age of Prosperity”. All the mining crystal changes plus doubling of ore in belts were the undoing of scarcity.

Hope you weren’t mining in Curse 'cause those days are long gone.


me who joined a null sec alliance

No, i came back after 2 years of AFK and realised I can no longer do what I used to do.

  1. No trit in null
  2. Some stupid mining skills
  3. Fleet of rorquals is now pointless
  4. Cant compress in space without training more skills and mods
  5. Used to build caps now need more skills, PI, reactions and TRIT


Are these changes for the better? Considering that real money is now in HS mining trit where you cant be killed easily anymore?

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Make billions mining the ABC ores in nullsec and just buy the Trit from high sec miners. It’s that simple…


You must be trolling…

Orcas and barges still get ganked in high sec every single day…

Adding moon goo and pi materials to T1 battleships was an atrocious change.


Yeah, you’re not the first miner to complain. And you won’t be the last complainer.

Turns out, games are allowed to change over time and don’t need anyone’s permission to do so.


Yeah, they are.
You need to move ore out of high sec now - you can’t produce 100% of your minerals in your own locked down systems. It’s not a huge change, but it is for the better.

This is absolute nonsense. You’ll still make an order of magnitude more isk/hour mining ABC ores in null and ganking still exists in high sec same as it always has.

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The cost of T1 hulls is insane now.

its like 500k > 1.5mil > 15mil > 75mil > 350Mill

And 90% of stuff battleships do is still done better by a t3 cruisers, which is now not really a “bling” option, but a reasonably priced one…


I disagree, The import and export costs slice a large cut into profit. Taking Trit entirely out of null sec was a mistake just based on the sheer volumn you need and the lack of volumn in jump freightering enough of the stuff. The abc ores in Null arent even the best at their respective minerals either, that goes to the more valueable now triglavian ores. But I guess ccp just wants null to mine Zydrine, Megacyte and Morphite exclusively now.

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No different than high sec only having Trit, Mexallon, and Pyerite. The intent was to make sure that no single area could produce everything on it’s own, instead having to rely on resources from all areas…

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Except it is different. High sec doesnt have to account for jump freightering and far longer distances. Not to mention since they have the ore that requires the most volumn already and dont need to transport it with less than adequate freighter volumn then can get it to places much easier to both build and sell.

Having to move minerals is still better for the game. Being able to pretty much lock down your system and mine everything you need there supressed conflict opportunities in null, lead to absolutely massive mineral stores that took a couple of years to burn through during the scarcity period, and depressed prices on the trade hubs.

Triglavian ore is fine. Particularly given the risk involved with mining in Pochven. It barely makes an impact on the market. There are less than 2000 units of compressed Rakovene on the Jita market right now. The supply of ABC minerals is still entirely from ABC ores. It wouldn’t matter if Trig ores had 10 times the minerals, there’s still insufficient supply to make any impact on the value of ABC ores.

So if all you’re gonna do is mine Zydrine, Megacyte, and Morphite in null then that’s your massive opportunity cost.

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What led to that massive surplus was rorquals more than anything. Specifically the overpowered rorquals times and really nothing else ((which was pointed out many times before that period and during.)). Conflict opportunities rarely come from the moving of minerals and ores into null from high due to the safety of jump freighters and I cannot think of a time when it has ever been the case.

I’ll give you the triglavian lack of supply but not the danger of it vs. null. Before you say it’s safer under a super umbrella, that’s some bs, with philaments blops, and moving freshly mined things between systems in non jump freighters a lot this is just as dangerous as pochven without the added value (sans t2 moon goo if your mining that.).

ATM manufacturing seems to just be forced more in high sec around trade hubs due to those locations being the only places where you can get the needed materials to manufacture without the transportation costs. So if you want to manufacture out in null sec particularly further out you just get shafted because you won’t be able to compete.

I’m sorry, I disagree. In Pochven your Orca is gonna be lucky to make it into the system, never mind the belt. You don’t have intel channels watching the route in and out, and the handful of systems are pretty busy already with PvE and PvP activity.

The risk of a filament dropping an enemy squad on your mining operation in null is absolutely negligible. It’s not even the super umbrella - it’s just that you can way more effectively defend that space and even if you’re not actively defending it 99/100 times you can see the enemy coming and dock up before they’re a threat.

The supply is totally indicative of this. If null and Pochven were of equal risk to miners and Pochven ores are of higher value, there’d be a lot more of them making it to the market.

I disagree with this. If they pop in quick enough you can get fairly easily. Defending is kindof irrelevant with how fast hunters work alot of the time, if the hunter gets caught on grid aloto f the time hes still going to pop the miner anyway. Havent been able to use an orca in quite a while now, haveh ad to stay with faster porps.

Though I didnt think about that angle you mention about pochven ores.

But even with that being the case, null ores really arent that great at all and seems to force you to not mine in null. Atm ccp seems to just try to push miners to high and low and out of null. Again excluding t2 moon goo mining (which T2 is incredibly cheap atm.)

This is wrong, though.
If this were the case, you’d literally have no ships to fly. You can’t build anything of significance without null ores, and you can see from Jita that the supply is strong. There are still Roruqal fleets operating consistently in Nullsec (even after the nerfing) and Orca/Hulk fleets are super common.

Null ores are literally where all the isk in mining is right now, just as has pretty much always been the case (the blips of drone minerals notwithstanding but that’s long-fixed). Even wormholes had their access to minerals limited.

Without null ores there’s no industry in Eve. Nobody is being pushed out.


It’s not wrong, in fact t1 has been quite inflated (more build production costs for battleships but also less of certain base minerals to build with.) The current highest value mineral is isogen which null does not have very much of at all. Isogen comes mainly from low sec ATM. Low sec also has a lot of the minerals from all the various ores there in general. So it absolutely does seem like they are pushing people to mine in low sec more.

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In addition, rorqs are nowhere near as potent mining tools as the let’s call it the giant mistake period. Idk why these are still brought up in conversation at this point. And if your space is contested at all running rorqs is very dangerous.