Suggestions and Discussion: Conflict Wars, Discussion on resources influence

I am seeing a consistent outcry for “resources” to be “dried up” in null. I am understanding this to mean that you think an entire regions asteroids should not respond for a longer period (week+)time, much like it was in the old days. To better understand this position (if accurately understood, and it is one of the ways people are viewing “the drying up of resources”) I have created some questions.

my questions are as follows

Should a region completely lose ore for longer periods of time?
Do you feel this will invalidate null sec sov, and structures?
What about the people that live in null that are pve driven (ratters, miners)?

Feel free to express your opinions.

This is not a feature, nor an idea. It does not belong on this forum section.


Suggestion is coming, TM. Waiting for opinions before i post this time.

Since there is no suggestion in the OP, I’m gonna close it.