Low sec ore not respawning

@Mike_Azariah and others

Could I ask whether the CSM has ever discussed with CCP the very long running issue with low security ore belts not replenishing at DT, and empty anomalies not despawning? The problem has been reported repeatedly, but if CCP has ever responded, then I have certainly missed it. To the best of your knowledge, are they:

a) unaware of the problem, despite all the reports?
b) in denial that there is a problem?
c) aware that there is a problem, but unable to fix it?
d) working as designed, and low sec deliberately being starved of resource?

I mean, it has to be one of these four, surely? If c) or d), then much as I might despair, I would be thankful for honest communication. If a) or b), then they need a very strong nudge!

Thank you

As far as I am aware, this is what they want.

Thank you. I think it utterly dishonest of them, especially in light of the claims made about scarcity vs abundance, and the splitting of minerals into exclusive security bounded zones, but thank you for replying.

I would politely suggest that the CSM might wish to raise the point with them - if only for honesty in communication, or indeed any communication rather than deafening silence - but leave that to your collective good judgement.

@Brisc_Rubal If one needs a simple argument, how about this? As an admitted long term HS player, there are only two reasons why I have ever gone into LS - mining and reactions. If, as happened the other day, I visit 21 asteroid belts and two anomalies, and every single one is empty (and the anomalies not despawned), then I am pretty much left with just reactions.

Which means I will enter LS perhaps only twice every three or four months, to start and collect reactions. With mining, I would be visiting at least once a week. Without mining, hardly an incentive to spread, or take the risk of LS. Which cannot be what CCP wants.

They may kid themselves otherwise, but for a player such as myself, there are absolutely no other reasons to go to LS.

Again, thank you for the courtesy of responding.

This is not only the case to LS ore anos but gas sites in null are also scannable but empty.

This is 100% a terrible solution but if you get multiple people from different corps to bug report your system problems in detail then they will get manually respawned, then you have to go through it all over again when it happens again.

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