What's going on with ore?

Searching through 0.3 secs in Caldari space and coming up empty. Just went through 20 belts in a single system - not one single rock. Several systems with fewer belts, same deal. Just nothing there.

So what’s the point of having asteroid fields if there are no asteroids?

Is this normal?

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Probably mined out by NPC mining fleets. Did you check your probe window and agency for ore anoms?

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Yah ever since scarcity started LS belts were really just butchered and never came back since. The NPC mining belts gobble the belts up due to how thin they are. Instead CCP went with ore anoms for LS mining. In some of the largest ore anoms depending on the ore there were 1bil+!
(NPC mining fleets don’t mine ore anoms)

I think the anom mining is ok in my book. Feels strange though I wish CCP did do something more with LS asteroid belts.

Not so sure they’re dodging anoms. I went to a Jaspet anom today and all it had were various types of “rocks.” No Jaspet.

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i would like to know too…

Lol mining belts in lowsec in 2022

Nor said the hell with it and left.

Big alliances get their ore and other stuff to make ships and modules from the ganks in High Sec.

sort of mandatory now, as there is a mineral unique to LS

… or, there was, would be nice if CCP stuck to their design ideas instead of giving Null everything and leaving LS screwed.

No, no it’s not.

You don’t mine belts in LowSec, you mine the anoms.

I am not entirely sure that is true. I have seen NPC mining fleets in crockite and dark ochre anoms regularly, i think it is the cosmic sigs you are talking about, like gas sites.

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Now that is news to me! Thanks!

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