Why no change asteroid belts too?

So I noticed pretty much everything from ice belts to moon mining has been changed, but the same asteroid belts I first saw in 2009 and still here without what seems almost no changes (except for annoying and pointless npc miners which consume every belt in the system by the end of the day…)

Anyone know if there are any plans to change asteroid belts too?

With the grid now up to 3000km big it would be awesome to see asteroid belts actually look like asteroid belts and stretch a thousand km with massive chunks that take days to mine, but which do not respawn after every downtime.

Any ideas?


I like the idea about huge asteroid belts :sunglasses:


Is there any place we can make suggestions direct to CCP or do they read these forums?

Write here on forums or apply for CSM and talk to them directly :joy:

Would be nice if CCP made a sub forum where people could post their suggestions. They could call it Player Features & Ideas or somesuch.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

These huge asteroid belts you are looking exist in null sec. It is considered mining anomalies which composes of many belts in system where high end ores are found and mined.

These belts are a balance of Risk vs Rewards, where you mine high selling ores in the expense of hostile players and hard to kill rats.

I would agree with the pointless NPC miners , not only do we have to contend with other players looking for ore. . but also NPC miners !! . . this is incredibly frustrating
and pointless except an attempt to drive up market prices by CCP ?. . .

Soooo, nul sec and wormhole asteroid anomalies

Then shoot them!

I find it so funny, that everywhere miners are crying about the npc miners. In high sec, they are very easy to take down and remove from your system. It just requires using something else than a mining laser for once.

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