Can we rename 'Asteroid Belt' to 'NPC spawn point'?

As title says, can we rename ‘Asteroid Belt’ to ‘NPC spawn point’?

Not that I mine a lot these days, but whenever I warp to one of the asteroid belts for a daily campaign NPC kill I never see asteroids, only NPCs.

(In all seriousness, I understand the reasons behind the resource scarcity. I just think it’s a shame Asteroid belts don’t even have any asteroids in them wherever I look.)


It’s CCP’s way of trolling , but if I were to do this here , they close my thread and mute me for a week or so.

It’s just Eve 2021 …

I’ve made a similar post a couple weeks back. I said to just remove them entirely if they have no current use.
Weeding through the troll posts, it seems there is slight use for them, however I think it’s stupid to call them asteroid belts with no asteroids.

Where I’m mining¹ is pretty fine in terms of asteroids @Gerard_Amatin and @Clary_Daemon, so I guess you both must be somewhere with a lot of miners maybe?

Don’t get me wrong, the belts do get seriously depleted by say 23.00hrs, but there’s normally ore to be mined during the average day, unless you sit on your hands.


1 . I would love to tell you where I am the the universe, but then I’d have to kill you … and I don’t want to do that. Sorry … :slight_smile:

USIA sells access to NPC locator agents that can be used for hunting and killing people. Use promo code MUADDIIB for 20% off your first locator agent unlock… put it to good use…

Kidding :stuck_out_tongue:


Leave Jita :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Only if you buy the asteroid belt in question. Let me know which belt you want to buy and rename and I send you an invoice so you can fulfill your wish. :wink:

You gotta check them right after downtime, before the bots finish mining them out about 30 minutes later.