Removel of Static Asteroid Belts


Its that time again, looking at the idea of removal of static asteroid belts from low and null sec. Adding a respawning system to replace it. This option would be like ice belts it could spawn with different mining ores in them. The more you mine it the less there would be next time, vs if left alone you could see more ore in the belts as well.

Let me know what you think?

I’m only here to post new ideas or game-changing ideas.
(I won’t reply back to the post!)

It’s time we work hard to keep adding new content to the game!
See yea in space!


actually I do like the idea of instead of static belts there being spawned belts much like anoms, i like the idea of them being random too.

from CCP’s stand point i’m sure it would be a way to help reduce loaded assets into the game for less populated systems.

i think this needs a little work but towards the concept i would just about go with a +1

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But why? Youve not really given a reason why the current way isnt OK. Whats the difference? Why are you making harder? Its already painful to mine.

actually I could see this being used to reduce botting, I’ve never done it so i don’t know how it works exactly, but working under the assumption that bots will go to predetermined destinations or some how to the asteroid belts this could combat that (possibly?)


Seems like kinda random idea. What motivated you to suggest it? Were you mining and like “this is too easy, i want to fly around and scan for belts first”

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How about, removal all belts and mining anoms, -based on the lore idea that they have been mined into extinction from wonton bot-miners- and move them all to low sec?

It would be a lot more exciting for everyone.

Yes, yes, I already know. There are people that want to “relax” and “unwind” when they get home from a hard day of [insert activity here], but that is what Net Flix is for.

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I like it in theory but I imagine my system will hover on an average of 3-5 belts max, when 16-20 is the magic number.

Assuming generating them would require more resources, which it will, there will be fewer belts overall, which is sad.

Fewer belts = less resources = more competition to control those sources = increased demand = more profit.

It’s win win.

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Then what is the point of us replying? I guess I can call your idea silly and you won’t defend it lol.

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That, right there, what you are replying to, is the product of safe-space culture.

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Hello, Summon I have been!

Its time for a change in the game and we do look at the fact when belts are gone like ice it should respawn in a new location. It’s to cut back on botting if they can’t keep bookmarks on the belts. Everything will change back on location and the more you mine these belts the less it could give or we could look at it the more you mine it then it could add more rocks to the current system.

Locations and bookmarks will change more making it harder for gankers with preset book marks and botters.

Well bot programs can just but asteroiid belts on the overview and just warp to them.
I mean one way is just make all belts probable only so bots cant just warp to them perhaps.
Perhaps even make anomolies only probe- abale before you can find them then no one can just open up a window and see them all.

I think removal of asteroid belts should be a minor event on a monthly or bi monthly basis, where some resources suddenly became scarce in two regions of the universe, meaning the groups which occupy them will have to likely battle over these things, diminishing spawns across a region 1 constellation at a time till only one location has it

if we’re doomed to fight for resources and power it should be a semi regular occurrence, which are entirely organic, this way we can have big fights which have repercussions for your relevant group, but not to the point of huge TIDI server breaking fights.

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This will just lead to hoarding and vast swathes of empty universe on a round robin basis

possibly but whats the point in hording it when something which is scarce is needed for the greater good, larger groups for example will then naturally fight over resources before they could be horded, the need for caps and titans is going to be present, as well as structures.

if there is a calculated rate of asset destruction, example, BC, BS, CAPS & Structures, vs a temporary diminishing quantity of essential resources needed, the demand would be spread across all groups and in theory the larger the group the more they will demand it, randomly spawned sites across regions would also likely be ideal as it means small groups of miners and indy players could move faster and possibly get in and get out taking a little at a time or simply moving to a different site, while larger groups can take 5 - 30 minutes to form combat fleets even with doctrine fits, making many jumps or using high end resources like titan bridges to deploy.

it also means these locations become HUGE salvage sites.

so… content content content, hording would likely only happen for personal projects and within small groups, even then they could sell their haul at marked up prices (due to supply and demand) make a tidy profit and keep on going. this horded goods also become good cash grabs for potential spies.
so again… more content

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Some have ambition greater than pew pew?

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that’s true, my point was more meant to be along the lines of if we’re going to end up fighting over resources there’s probably an organic way to structure it. see unfortunately creating T2 or T3 ships, being the first to do something in this game, isn’t really a common thing, pretty sure the first titan in the game was called Steve, 99% sure it was goons who created it (am happy to hold my hand up if i’m wrong) but who specifically built it, no one knows, being first to build something or craft something new, only happens in a limited way among the players, to have your name officially go down in EVE History where CCP will go “this guy did this thing” would be truly awesome.

the first titan to be destroyed became a permanent wreck site in the game but we need more, we need things like first to create a ship fit or perhaps to do some research or exploration, code breaking challenges and such things, that awesome tidbit of “this was done by pilot [insert name]” I’m sure people would love, many players have come and gone in this game, many of them awesome and highly skilled and yet hardly any of them are known in eve history.

I’m all for new ways to do that

I’m also for Aura to be able to answer questions regarding eve history and lore for new players. Ashterothi and Dutch Gunner for example has done a substantial amount for the lore players and have regularly created content in and out of game and yet absolutely no in game acknowledgement, even in the scope videos getting their corps / alliances mentioned for supporting efforts against [insert whatever the cause is here]

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