Asteroid belts not replenishing after downtime

It’s only a couple of hours after downtime and there are asteroid belts throughout lowsec Solitude that are still depleted. No NPC miners have been in the area. I’ve been flying my indy alt through Agaullores, Faurulle and Babirmoult and there’s not a single crumb or ore left. Please ensure that all asteroids are being properly replenished.

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Same goes through Onnamon and surrounding systems, only every few days the asteroids respawn

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I hope that’s not something CCP did deliberately. It’s bad enough miners have to put up with gankers and NPC miners taking the ore, now this?

Not too concerned about gankers, but the NPC miners? Yeah they do suck up everything if left unchecked, last I checked I kept getting confirmation in Rookie Help (while I was there) that they would respawn daily

Haha. Funny!
Same thing in some Molden Heath systems: asteroid belts are permanently empty since July.
However, NPC miners and rats are still around …

Submit an ticket ingame with the f12 key

Ticket submitted.

Will keep my eyes on ore/mineral prices this should be fun :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s been fixed - belts in Agaullores are full of jaspet and hemorphite once more.

Keep an eye on them tho to see if they respawn the next day or two, which is usually what happens in Onnamon

It’s happening again. If anyone is in lowsec right now, please check to see if the belts are respawning. If they’re not respawning properly, please press F12 and file a bug report so CCP are aware of the problem. I filed a petition and GM Hastur told me to file a bug report, so everyone should be filing bug reports if they find belts missing ore.

Guys? Does anyone here understand the idea behind “Resource Wars”?

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You mean the thing completely unrelated with missing asteroid belts? The thing where people group up to cooperate to complete an objective within minutes while fending off rats that can be done by both new and vets? I think so

Back to topic. The belts are still missing every now and then… Also, are the Ore cosmic sites supposed to be static? As in, Always spawn the same in Always the same system?

aww, i missed the post where it said they’ve respawned.

your childish passive aggressiveness is noted, kid. :slight_smile: it’s not too far fetched that CCP reduces resources. resource wars must have a reason to exist. npc miners already started lowering the amount of ore that can be mined. this would be typically CCP, and fit into the game. too bad when it’s a bug, i’d love to see miners actually fighting over belts. hell, i’d go mining again just for that. :blush:

you guys just lack creativity. :slight_smile:

Yeah, miners that don’t do resource wars for the sake of learning how to work in a fleet will only be missing out on a LP store considering the resource wars is going to use an ore type that cannot be used to refine or anything else, which it has been stated in the Resource Wars thread.

And seriously, you come in here trying to send the thread off topic and then you the one calling me a kid? This is a topic in General Issues about Asteroid Belts after downtime, and until anyone can proof that the devs DID change them for some reason then I will continue to trust it is a bug, because while I was on Rookie Chat everytime someone asked “When do Asteroids Respawn?” everybody replied “after downtime” even the ISD.

I don’t mine everyday, but the NPC miners do chew up quite fast already, which would be ok if they did respawn properly after downtime.

calm down, angry child. you not grasping the connection doesn’t mean it’s offtopic. you are pulling it off topic now, so i suggest you instead just go on as usual.

No there is no connection, did you not read? There will be no tritanium, no isogen, nothing coming out of those resource wars unless CCP says “Hey, the LP store offers boxes with these resources” which so far said nothing about it.

well, i can still hope.

It’s a bug, it’s got nothing to do with RW. Even with RW the belts should still be respawning after downtime, and they’re not.

let me dream. it would be awesome!:stuck_out_tongue:

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