Asteroid Belt Respawn

Can any one comment on asteroid belt respawn mechanics post the updates? Do belts now need to be depleted completely for them to respawn?

no, look as they are farmed by NPC miners or players. You dont say if is high sec / null

Check other Systsms, but many areas of Null have not asteroids for a “marvelous design - working as intended” of CCP.

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Thanks. Will do.

What I wanted to know was actually about their respawn mechanics - for example, in low sec, I’ve noticed that the belts do not respawn after downtime. I tried depleting them completely today, so if they still remain empty after downtime tomorrow, I guess the respawn mechanics have changed as well.

Can confirm that some belts do not respawn. I logged in after reset still empty for more than 3 days. This is in Straloin…

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