Asteroid belts are not respawning


I have noticed the asteroid belts seem to not be re-spawning. The NPC characters eat up all the roids and then several days later they are still not back. Is this a new feature?

If you are playing close after reboot, attack them but don’t kill them, it will scatter them away so tehy don’t ‘steal’ your ore. If you are playing close to downtime, try to use anomalies or grab mining missions. If you are willing to move around you could find more belts, ask for moon mining ops as they create belts… it’s new too, connect the dots… belts get scarse, go play with people that invested in moon mining.

There is no ore at boot or downtime, i think there is a bug

Submit a bug report >> Here <<

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Have read about this months ago, doubt it is a bug…
… which means it is awesome, because you miners have to actually move around.

Effort. ■■■■ yeah!

That would be cool…

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Well, it already seems to be reality. Even if it is just a bug, npc miners are sucking everything dry and that is a good thing, because scarcity drives conflict.

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