Did CCP go and make belts NOT respawn?

Did CCP do something with the belts? I know they took out some of the types of rocks in highsec, and they also changed the mineral content. Did they go and nerf the spawns to? Not anomaly type spawns, just regular spawns. I went and moved into a low sec area and the belts refuse to come back. It took a bit of work to go and move in. So I picked another area and now this area to is doing the same thing. I hope its not a new “feature”. The game has taking a down turn for indie. Maybe its a glitch that can be fixed. Hope so. Tired of moving.

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There is a daily respawn formula for normal belts. If players or NPC mine over X amount it is counted against the next day’s spawn. SO yes you can have no ore in the belts at all once the server reset.

This is something I have tried to talk to the CSMs and dev about before but they don’t give a $HIT!


and then there is the ridiucouls random ice belt thing that takes ice belts away and respawns them nowhere near your home or even in your region. But apparently this doesnt apply in high sec. go figure

And nevermind the NPC fleets that hoover up post DT, befpre you even login!


Yes I noticed the amazing prowess of the NPC fleets. A few Ventures or barges can mine the whole system out in less than half a day. Its bullcrap.

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Thanks for the answer. Its bullcrap in my opinion. The NPC fleets are always going at it. You mine a belt and they appear and within a few hours, its seems ALL the belts are gone and they do not come back. For weeks it seems. It even does it in lowsec. So wrong of CCP to do that.


Attack them once and they are gone from your belt. Bullcrap is forum whining without doing anything.

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If you attack them the faction/corp will spawn a response fleet to scale with what ever you are flying. They will kill most ships. If you shoot them and warp away you have to seat off grid for some time before the response fleet leaves. Either way is it lost time doing what miners log in to do.

If you are a miner and not enjoying the game, why play? If you are a miner and have no ore to mine, why play? Either way I look forward to seeing the quartly earning report for the 4th quarter of last year and the first quarter after the Null Sec War is over. I hope CCP loses money!


I noticed the same thing. System I normally mine, the belts do not respawn, that’s very annoying and it’s not really fair, make the ratting anomalies in null sec not respawn either eh?

How often do they come back full of ore?

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They will ever come back to full ore at server reset if X amount is mined by players or NPCs. I have not seen a full belt in the 3 years since NPC miners came out. Between the miners and NPC miners the X amount is normally hit daily.

The best advice I could give a miner.

  1. Stage multiple mining fleets or mining ships in different Regions and shuttle between them.
  2. Only mine in system with NO NPC STATIONS!!! No NPC station= No NPC miners!
  3. Look at https://zkillboard.com/kills/ganked/ and set every one of them to red, so you know when most gankers are around.
  4. Don’t fly anything other then tech 1 ships PERIOD!!!
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If you aggress them, miners will warp to safe spot and won’t be back in that belt for some time. Few hours at least. Can’t remember if it is for whole day. You can warp off before response fleet will land on you.

Gankers don’t use their ganking alts to scout. When you see red spike in local you probably are already dead. Using contacts as anti ganking warning its terrible and gives false feeling of safety.

Anyway, you seams to be mining in hisec. There is no issue with amount of available ore there. Just go to different system.

The last time I actually time the NPC coming back into the belt. It was 10 minutes from the first shot on the miners.

Actually there is not enough ore to go around in High Sec right now. Grab a Survey scanner and scan a belt. H*LL the big rocks are under 8,000 m3 with most of the rocks being under 1,000 m3. It is nothing for a small fleet or small corp to cleean out 3-5 systems a day mining. Once the respawn formula hits the Region the next day is worse and it snowballs from there.

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As a highsec miner myself, I do not care about it, as lower available volumes will lead to higher prices. What frustrates me is that ccp gave back tritanium to nullsec, and now that was ■■■■■■■■.


well with changes in Feb to reduce the amount of ore per asteroid 65% and reduce all belt spawn rates to 2-4 weeks it will be interesting

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When did that happen? According to resource distribution, Trit is exclusive to HiSec

nullsec now gets all ores with infinite renewal.

CSM complained, CCP caved.

damnit @Brisc_Rubal

The CSM are a buch of scumbags.

The motto of scarcity is :

Go tu null / low

I create a fresh Toon, inject mining upgrades I book and yesterday and tody, go to null in venture (40 for the experiment). The idea was mining megacyte. I find Bistot an Arkonor Many Empty Bets and Medium anomalies, many rats.

In one place i get 8 ventures loads beore be killed by a loki cloaked, and then go to the other null places i plan visit.

Near none.

One Venture killed by a sabre, and around five by NPC who come nearly in the first minute of mining in anomalies. All belts i see, have nothing superior to kernite.

One venture was killed in medium load, and my final trip in other of the places, was 1/5 load too. Then, i can say i lost around 8 ventures in less than three hours to rats, and only get 1/2 arkonor load.

Newbees are forced to go to brave / null / horde.

CUrrently i need visit one more site and plan revisit the place when i mine 8 loads before killed by the loki, and already made an application for horde for see what is happen there.

Venture have chance in Low (already mine with other toon many jaspet and kernite in other experiment toon), but empty belts and very quick NPC squads go for tou in anomalies in :

  • Kalevala Expanse (2 entry points, 8 systems)
  • Great Wildlands (2 entry points, 8 systems)
  • Geminate (3 entry point, 12 systems)
  • querious ( 1 entry point , five systems)

By the way the region where i can mine 8 full loads and extract before be killed by the loki, was Pure blind, and was mining in an anomaly.

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Wait, what? Source?