Once again no ore

I mine in a low sec system in a pocket that produces Kernite, and Omber. Thing is, its not so unusual for the belts to not respawn on up time. You know after the reset. Its not ice belts, though for a time CCP had the darndest time with ice belts respawning. Its not anoms. Its not worm holes. Its just good old low sec belts, were CCP moved the ore needed to garner noxium, and for me isogen.

Not anything special. Just plain old asteroid belts. And yes the super hoover NPC miners did manage to polish off that last rock in the last belt. This due to the belts never respawing, and after the entire week no ore. It started Monday, this is now Thursday. No ore to be found in any of the adjacent system.

CCP is busy marketing Prospector packs, and I guess forgets to reset the timer thingy or something.

I report it, others report the same things at different times. It sometimes gets old.


It sucks. Makes people go to low less, and then less targets too.

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Hey! I just happen to have Kernite and Omber! I’ll give it to you. All you have to do is meet me at the sun!

I’ll bring my Venture. Bet your shaking at that.

Ventures are really fun ships. Even for PvP!

They are so mis-understood.

I really like the venture. One finger on the warp trigger, the other to the rats.

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