Belts not respawning in low sec. Mea

Like the title says, belts not respawning in low sec. Not the first time either.
Not unusual. Happens quite a bit as far as I can tell. Perhaps its Minmatar space.
I have noticed it in other areas however. There is that.

High sec? Not a problem. They get the job done in high sec. Somebody does. Maybe CCP hired a different person to mind low sec. Who knows?

I have not read where they are going to now do the regular belts, just like they now do the ice belts, being that it is now a random spawn somewhere in system.
Maybe I missed it.
Nope, its not the anomaly belts. Its the regular there all the time belts.

Nope, its not there was ore left.

Its that that the super vacuum equipped NPC mining Gods warp in, and suck up all the ore in the whole system the very same day regardless of the size of the system and the number of belts in said system. Would it be terribly hard to maybe NERF those things CCP? Purty please?

Then somebody at CCP forgets to go and seed the belts after all the ore is gone.

Nope its not a day. Nope its not the next day. Hey, maybe if I do a rain dance or burn some incense or something I might get lucky when I come back on Sunday.

Sunday. The day of the ganker. Nope.

Its Friday followed by whole weekend.

Hey, I thought the whole point of moving some of the ore to low sec was to make it more of a challenge. Well gosh, when the belts fail to respawn sure is a challenge.

Why bother CCP to move the ore to low sec, then and go and not bother to respawn the belts?

Help me out here. Maybe I missed that thingy that told me that CCP is now going to randomly respawn the belts in low sec from now on. Could be. I have missed things before. No mention of it that I could find. Well industry changes sure are that. Just wish they paid the belts some attention.

They want low sec to put up refineries and moon mine this way people have a stake in low sec valuable nox trade.

How are you getting noxcium from moons?

Hell if I know, nox from low sec but if moon mining doesn’t provide it in low that’s news to me.

Yeah and if this is true I guess screw the little guy? The solo roller? Yeah but but but muh Eve is not for solo players. I hear that one used allot. Good job CCP. Sterling job.

You don’t. In fact, aside from the R4 moons in HS no other moon ore even contains minerals.

I would however be totally fine with trading in the pyerite in R4 moons for nocx at a 100:1 ratio, that stuff adds up and is hard to move.

I see Jaspet belts hanging around for days after they are mined out. I wasn’t sure if it was because NPCs had cleared them rather than players as I had seen them finishing one off. We had a lot of crokite and ochre sites lately and they despawn pretty fast.

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It’s just another unaddressed bug.

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