Mining is a NONO for me

Hi All,
Just rejoined the game But:-
Can only visit 1 Asteroid Belt, every where else in Eve I can Warp to a Belt, but it aint there.
I tried to put a Ticket in but no Joy, The Devs do not have ''Belts" not there any more.
Any Help Appreciated.

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Maybe somebody already mined it? Try a different system

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I am going to go out on a limb here and say you are mining in Low sec or more likely High security space. If this is the case the asteroid belts in these systems are mined out and do not re spawn until the next down time (11:00 eve time every day).

Each system has its own amount of asteroid belts, if you are in a system with low amount of belts or a highly populated area the system will dry up quickly. Simply move to a different system and check there for your asteroid munching needs.

It also sounds like you are a newer player, so welcome to the game. I would be happy to help you with any information you need as you grow into the game so fire me an in game mail so we can keep in touch and I can help you where ever you need it.

Happy Munching

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I have been to many,many other Solar Systems, no where except ‘Elletta’ I think its called lets me have only 1 Astroid Belt.
I cannot believe it, I spent an hour or two attempting to post a Ticket, but it seemed like if they do not have ‘all AB’s have gone’ could I post.
I cannot believe that I can still select an AB but when I get there there is nothing.
Thanks for trying.

All the Ast Belts have now reappeared, I hope permanently,

No, not permanently, until players or NPC mine them out again.

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The same will happen tomorrow…you seem to have a bad timezone.

You need to go further out, where systems are not in reach of NPC mining corps. Their introduction by CCP means, that Belts mined by NPC will be down a few houurs before downtime. And you posted this a few hours before downtime…so go figure.

Also be prepared to get insta-killed if or if not at keyboard when Damaviks are in the system. Mining had many changes to make it more “entertaining” or difficult…(depends on your view).

Mining after recent changes requires to gather at least some basic intel and awareness, not just warping to a belt without using your brain.

Can’t you search for Ore Anomalies in Activities > The Agency?

Perhaps your overview is set in such a way that it doesn’t show the asteroids. I’d check that.

Good luck.

How can it change as it has?
It is an error or a NERFF

Have you checked the Agency belt locator window to verify the system you are in spawns those asteroid types? All belts are not created equal, even within the same system.

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