Lowsec asteroids didn't spawn today

I’ve recently risked lowsec to mine and yesterday I had a good day.

Today, just after shutdown, I went to the same system and there were ZERO asteroids in any belt…I tried an hour later and still…nothing at all…

Can somebody explain?


CCP will probably remove these asteroid fields soon enough anyway because they want to move everything mining into anoms that they will definitely fail hard to balance properly and out of asteroid belts that are a perfectly well functioning, self-regulating system that CCP can’t screw up.


The rocks you mine within 1 or 2 of down time don’t respawn at server reset. As for why there were none, I don’t know unless you mined the whole belt within 1 or 2 of reset.

It’s very strange - there were plenty of rocks left when I stopped the night before - I only was after one ORE - the strange part is really the fact that there were NO asteroids in any belt in the system right after reset

I check another system close by and there were none in any belt there either

so I went back and mined in highsec as usual and everything seemed fine - I’ll try again tomorrow I guess…

Well, it’s tomorrow and it’s just after reset

No asteroids in the entire system

nothing but NPCs

No wonder players don’t come to lowsec to mine…

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I mean… they sure as hell don’t go to the belts for it when the anoms are everywhere and are more valuable.

Ccp just needs to make them require scanning again and boom. LS mining is fixed.

Fix the f;ing Ice belt ■■■■■■■■, game is broken.

sorry, they cant. ccp is too busy breaking more things

Diamond NPC’s with ventures / procurer’s? In low-sec it’s not too uncommon to see them mining and they’ll easily eat a belt in a few hours time.

At most it takes 4 hrs for these systems. It’s a part of scarcity but apparently ccp isn’t reverting it

Say what? I knew they didn’t want to return to the old status quo of ore sloshing Jita, but I thought the low sec belts being eaten was a temporary thing.

That’s what they said. But did you see any mention of reverting it in the new quadrant?

Well no, but reverting it would be consistent with what they said when scarcity started. They said that if they did things right to begin with, they would have just tweaked some numbers (which implies no new mechanics necessary meaning they didn’t need to spend a whole year concieving waste), but since so much ISK had been sloshing around, they needed to take more severe measures to fix what was messed up.

You’ll learn this soon enough but you can’t take anything ccp said to mean anything. They change their minds forget about things or flat lie and hope people don’t care.

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I’ve been told by my corpmates of their tendency to forget what they said but the low sec belt rats eating everything is so stupid that I was pretty sure this time they’d remember to fix that

They still haven’t bothered to fix the fleet warp bugs. They work very FOTM

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