Nothing to mine in lowsec?

I’m new to EVE and I recently got into lowsec mining, I’ve been mining at some 0.4/0.3 systems. However, one day when I went mining, I realized that all 13 belts in a 0.3 system didn’t have a single asteroid, only enemy rats. Even the Ore anomalies didn’t have anything.

I heard there are mining corporations that mine massive amounts of ore at once, but they can’t mine every single asteroid in every single belt, right?

The next day, all the asteroids were back.
Why did all the asteroids go?

NPC mining… they will strip all the belts that players don’t get to first.

asteroids are respawned every morning at downtime.

A good minig corp actually can do that easily. I was able to sweep a whole belt with 2 chars in 4-5 hours, so in a 20 char corp with boosts and proper ships, 13 belts should be no problem within a day.
But as Geo already pointed out, NPC miners are also active.

Your observation reminds me of the starter regions around Jita, where I needed 5 jumps to find the first belt which wasn’t empty. So try to find a less crowded place.

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