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I spent my first week gently exploring the game and enjoying its many varied aspects, but decided this week to settle on mining and industry. I researched heavily and the using the in game resources “The Agency” started to seek out the Asteroid belts I need to mine my raw materials to actually start making T1 ammo and caps, so far so good I bought the ores that came from LOWSEC but then ventured out. I hopped from one belt to another, system by system with my little venture mining craft, but couldn’t find any active belts, bar one that’s had pirates camped by it. Having spent nearly 90mins trying to find a belt I couldn’t find anything. So my point is why, I hear rumours that once mined that’s it until reset so how does that help those of us that can’t play until the evening. There is no resource that tells me the areas not mined out, so I can’t even head to the right places very frustrating and spoiling the enjoyment


There is plenty of ore all over the place. I mine every day and have no problem finding full belts everywhere, no matter the time of day. Find a more out of the way place to mine. The asteroid belts respawn at server downtime, which is 11:00 GMT every day.

As someone that lives on the wrong side of the world, I have had to deal with this issue for many years. Like QuakeGod said, you just have to keep moving till you find someplace that nobody has mined out yet.

It would be nice to have standard ore anomalies replace static belts so its not tied to TZ, but we haven’t gotten that yet.

That is the first mistake of people wanting to be industrialists. How do you acquire the materials don’t matter as long you can sell the product for more than it cost you to produce.

Well, the answer is that it help miners that can be active when the belts still have rocks in then. If you are not one of them you will need to adapt. There was requests for CCP to change how often asteroid respawn but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

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As others have said, you’re probably in a high-traffic area. It may take a bit of scouting, but eventually you can find space with healthy belts. I also recommend finding a corporation that can point you toward some belts and help you make progress.

I haven’t played the game in years but recently reactivated for a quick look. It amazes me how buggered up the mining system is and always was. CCP has always tried to make folks from highsec go to low and null sec to mine the rarer ores, and its simply not worth the risk or reward, it never was. They would be better off placing the very rare ores in 0.4-0.2 systems and tempting the highsec miners to make a dash for it, but as it is and generally always was, its pointless.

Personally I would’t risk my very expensive mining barges not a chance, but it seems from when I last logged in CCP have managed to bugger up the high sec belts too.

The mind boggles.

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Then EVE isn’t the game for you. Risk and reward have been part of EVE since Day 1. If you aren’t willing to travel to low or null sec to mine the minerals that can’t be found in high sec, then mine in high sec and sell the ores to purchase those minerals from the market.

There is nothing wrong with the belts in high sec. I have entire belts to myself each and every day…

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There are tons of opportunities for profitable lowsec mining.

Just don’t go blind into a system with your Hulk. That’s not what it is for.


I think EVE could be just the game for him. He’s already thinking about managing risk versus reward and that is good. Low sec is generally not doing so well and players usually recommend joining null, staying high, or wormholeing; anything that’s NOT low sec, for good reason.
Those high-sec Orca fleets aren’t controlled by stupid people. These owners copied the math, taking into account value, risk, scalability and distribution to markets.
Ninja mining ores in low is something you could do, if you get a kick out of it, but it is small time stuff, even below mission running and exploration.

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Zkill says otherwise…

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You’d be surprised on how often people fudge the math or just go for whatever someone else said.

Not really. Zkill only records the victims who make mistakes, not the guys who get away or go unnoticed.
It’s just rarely worth the bother to gank a properly fit bulkhead Orca in high sec, so these boring guys get away with it almost all the time. Just too much hassle to get through all that tank in some remote HS backwater.

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I wouldn’t risk a Hulk or a Mack, but I certainly would use a T1 Barge.

I’ve also lived in Fade for several years admittedly very early in the game c 2005 so no problem with risk but I would always calculate those risks carefully. I only mine for a bit of nostalgia really or as part of a gang to help newer players, but not personally for the isk.

I have so many fond memories of my early mining days and humble beginning’s.

See I’m getting all nostalgic again.

If you fancy fleeting up sometime drop me a DM.

And another post stating as fact things that can’t possibly be known. Reminds me of an old thread about Orca’s and their support ships.

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