No asteroids to mine?

I’m still new to Eve, so maybe there’s a simple solution.

I’m mining to earn some credits, mostly low sec systems (0.4)

This morning, to my big suprise, I foudn that every Asteroid belt was empty, nothing, absolutly nothing was there.
It’s in either hig sec area’s and low sec area’s.

What am I doing wrong ?

one of two things I believe.

1; someone has come along and completely mined the roid field out, check again after downtime, or check out other systems.

2; your overview isnt set up correctly to show the roids in space.

Found 1 high-sec system that still had some asteroids.
Now gonna check out another low-sec sysem, see if ther’s sill something there.

Checked some low-sec area’s (0.4)
All of em are empty, looks like somebody mined everything.

The server I’m on just had it’s downtime, any thing else I could try ?

i imagine that a big gang has come and wiped out those roid fields, the only solution would b to scout out another system elsewhere, I think the roid fields only regen at downtime.

Move to less populated area. Join null sec soverenity holder group. Dive into WH. Whatever. Eve offers plenty of possibilities. Use Dotlan map to check population of the areas. Keep in mind NPC miners strip high sec fields like there is no tommorow.

Good point. I forgot about NPC miners.

There is only one server.

Welcome to Eve.

yup have to agree ccp introduction of NPC miners was a real great idea “ass holes”

Why so negative? CCP keep pushing players activities from NPC based structures to player owned structures. Also in high sec. NPC miners keep the belt clean - you fly to friendly (or not) Athanor in some 0.5 system near by and mine there. CCP happy, CODE happy (more miners in 0.5 systems), people like me happy (10 minutes and I have a haluer worth of minerals with just few antimatter shots).

I would not be surprised, if there will be no NPC stations in any non-1.0 security system any months soon. Missions can be offered by agents in space, after all…

NPC miner empty lowsec asteroid belts as well! I know at least 3 systems that are permanently empty since NPC mining fleets exist!

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