Alpha clone mining in low sec

Hi, im a rookie in Alpha clone and i need some help. I tried a few times to go in a low sec to start mining other ore than usual in hi sec but every time i found empty belts. On map were 6-5 asteroid belts but when a warp to them there were no asteroids. I tried in other 0.4 systems but the same thing, empty.
So, do i miss something. I cant figured out.


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Hey Goldie. Did you use the overview tab with a preset filter called ‘Mining’? That’s the one I use to see the asteroids in the belt, though you can edit the other presets to have them as well. Just keep an eye out for the rats that will show up from time to time.

HI…yes i use mining tab every time. First i set a direction on a main icon (three asteroids) to warp to location and then i can see all kind of asteroids but not in 0.4 systems. Not just that overview is empty even visual the space is empty, no asteroids.

I have heard of the NPC rats strip mining out low traffic systems. There is a forum topic somewhere. Seems to be a bug. But CCP can’t duplicate it. Meh. Keep local open and D-scan every now an then. You can have some real fun with a venture in low.

There are 2 possibilities.

  1. Your overview is set up wrong and you can’t see asteroids that are actually there. If you can see asteroids elsewhere then you can rule this out.

  2. Somebody, either player or NPC, already mined out the belts you checked. It is possible to clear an asteroid belt - they respawn after downtime.

Whatever the case, I assure you that there are still asteroids in lowsec, you may just have been looking in the wrong places.

One suggestion, if you want to try lowsec mining, look for ore anomalies (visible in your probe scanner window) rather than belts. Lowsec mining is risky, so it makes sense to focus on the most valuable ores that you can find. These anomalies may have nullsec ores worth more than the standard lowsec stuff, and I don’t think NPCs can mine them out.

While you are out there, pay attention to your surroundings and assume that anyone else in system is trying to find and kill you, unless you know otherwise. In a Venture you can run away pretty easily if someone shows up as long as you don’t let them catch you afk.

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  1. Use survey scanner.
  2. Check map (dotlan map, preferably) to find quiet low sec. Avoid Placid, for example, cause eve-uni have their low sec camp in there.

In lowsec, it’s a combination of two things;

  1. NPC mining fleets

  2. Asteroid belts respawning every four days instead of daily.

A lot of the belts in my home lowsec area are empty, with NPC fleets regularly sitting idle. The fleets are tied to specific corporations, and these corps only have stations in certain areas.

The work-around is to find an area of lowsec that does not contain these corps.

happened to me also when started
the belt is far so you warp half way(beginners ship) , re warp