Lowsec mining

Hey where’s all the rocks in the Lowsec belts? I’ve been to probably a dozen systems and and each of their belts, and i find absolutely zero roids in any belt I go to. I can’t believe every last one has been mined clean. I mean not even a scrap of Veld! My luck can’t be THAT sucky. Do huge corp rock-gobblers swoop in and eat everything in Lowsec within a couple hours after downtime now?

NPC mining fleets. Also unsure if respawn is bugged.

There are systems with rocks you’ll find eventually.

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It’s been awhile since I mined asteroids in low sec, but I noticed that some regions don’t spawn asteroids at all. Just checked Placid and there were no asteroids in the belts.

If you want to mine in low sec, mining anomalies and gas sites are probably your best bet.

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GAS. I’ve been looking and find none. Any suggestions.

I’ve run into this as well. I think all the event sites are taking over any gas spawning. I’ve found some but have had to travel twice as much as usual.

I have found quite a few gas sites in very hot (aka dangerous) areas of lowsec. I imagine the extra people spending extra time event scanning has folks rapidly discovering and huffing the sites in the safer systems.

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