No asteroids for 2 days

I just tried low-sec mining the other day and, other than having to kill NPCs, had a good day.

but the last 2 days, I went out there right after reset and I mean the second I could get back on the server, and there were NO ASTEROIDS in any of the belts.

Is there something I’m missing, please?



(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)


It made me laugh so thanks.

Doesn’t help me understand why everyone is telling me low sec asteroid belts respawn daily like other belts and I’m not finding anything…

…the reality is that nobody seems to know exactly.

Relax roid head.


–Gadget doesn’t always clap, but when she does, she does it slowly

Probably NPC miners have harvested them all… time to move to another system for a while.

Welcome to lowsec.

PSA to new Miners: Asteroid fields respawn smaller if you over-mine them. More inside. : Eve (

It’s an older post but I think it checks out. Scarcity, mineral redistribution, NPC mining fleets only made things more extreme.

Basically if you mine a system dry it will take belts much longer to respawn than if you left some roids as ‘seeds’. With NPC fleets out there players have lost control over belt respawn rates. But there is a mechanic attached to those fleets, they do not spawn in systems without NPC stations. Try looking for those.

I’ve seen some massive rocks in Kuoka, 5 jumps from Jita.

…then there’s the reasons for the plethora of threads about “why no players in lowsec”

that’s exactly where I am, in a system without an NPC station - but thanks anyway, that post must be out-of-date…

…and I’m here again just after reset so none of the “theories” offered, so far, have any merit

I thank anybody that tried to help though.

Just so there will be no confusion, I didn’t mine it dry - I’m only after one type of ORE so there was plenty left that first day. Maybe NPC miners DID mine out every belt in the system after I was there, no way to know, but I didn’t see any in any belt that first time.

I will say it again: No wonder there’s few players in low sec - miners don’t have anything to mine and gankers don’t have anyone to kill - so the answer to all those threads is “start respawning the asteroids in lowsec and they will come…”

I’m not complaining, to the contrary. As far as I’m concerned, the less players the better.

I always thought EVE would be kickass as a single-player’s game. As it is, I have to put up with y’all. Oh, well, it what it is…

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Not sure what you’re talking about. LowSec is getting pretty crowded.

Same here

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I’m just referring to all the posts I’ve seen saying lowsec is empty - I hardly go there so it’s not personal knowledge…

…and after this asteroid issue [no respawn for the last three days] I’m not likely to go there to give gankers a free ride ever again

No one really mines the asteroid belts, they mine the anomalies. The belts are garbage, just used for farming clone soldiers and Mordu.

Mine it on the market. Its cheaper that way too


When you are over 50 you will be glad not to have hemorrhoids for 2 days.


The 'roids lol finally appeared on Friday - I’ve read somewhere that Mondays and Fridays are spawn days in some systems, maybe that’s the scenario in the system I was in…

We got to nearly 100 just in fliet last night.

now THAT is staying on the subject! Thanks for the input…

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