Did CCP go and make belts NOT respawn?

he doesn’t have one. he’s just making b.s. up

It would be fine if their production was added it the market to help keep prices down.

I have never understood why the NPC fleets exist. The economy is supposed to be “player driven,” I thought.

What do those things have in common? As far as I know, NPC mining fleets do not put their ore on market, right?

NPC mining fleets, like asteroids, offer players a target to shoot at to obtain goods to put on the market. Asteroids or NPC ships may be the source of those goods, but it’s players who obtain the goods and put it on market.

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NPC fleets mine ore that could [should] be mined by actual players. Are they a target to shoot at? I have never fired at an NPC mining ship. They appear when I am mining, so I have nothing to shoot them with. And anyway, I thought there are penalties for shooting at them. Are there? I have never seen any other miners attack an NPC mining ship.

I use my drones to attack Guristas and other NPC ships that attack me. That’s it.

If the game developers want to reduce the amount of ore in the asteroid belts, I think a better way to do it would be to just reduce yields.

There are now systems totally devoid of asteroids, thanks to NPC mining fleets. I have regularly checked systems like Klingt and Unertek, and there are no asteroids spawning in them at all. No matter when you check, be it 10 seconds or 12 hours after DT, no asteroids at all. This has been the case for months now. And these are low-sec systems.

Is this working as intended?

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attacking npc miners will slightly damage your standing with the npc corp, and it’ll spawn a response fleet that will obliterate most ships.

your best bet is attacking npc haulers. they’ll appear from time to time, and can drop both ore and a strong box that’s worth 30m. the t1 haulers can usually be killed with a hecate or stealth bomber before the response fleet arrives. people will usually kill the hauler, bookmark the wreck, warp out to a safe place, and then warp back to the wreck to loot after a few minutes. by that time, the response fleet should’ve moved on.

Interesting. I have never seen an NPC hauler. Anyway, I doubt that I can fly a hecate or stealth bomber–I’m just a simple miner. :slight_smile: I have no real interest in fighting, except for the Gurista and other frigates I know I can defeat. I pick fights with them when I have had a bad day in RL. :slight_smile:

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This got me thinking: How often do mission runners and combat site farmers have to re-ship into a mining ship to mine out an annoying asteroid that’s preventing them from doing their PvE?

Never, asteroids don’t pose a threat.

I get what you mean, why do non-mining fighters never have to mine while non-fighting miners have to fight every now and then?

Too bad, everyone in EVE needs to be able to deal with threats.

You do know it’s called “mission FARMING”?

Because it’s about as dangerous as picking rutabagas. There’s no threat when you’ve memorized the missions and fitted appropriately.

Actually -


I think he meant the fact that they mine far greater quantities than even a max-skilled, max implant, max boost player fleet can mine. If CCP created mining ships the size of battleships or even orca-sized, that were NPC only and maybe even were closer to a mobile structure, I think it’d be understandable that they mine so much.

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